Thursday, October 27, 2016

What About JD Martinez?

The New York Yankees have a vision for the 2017 season. The vision includes watching more products of their farm system meet the Major Leagues and be successful but it also includes competing for at least a Wild Card position in the American League. If the team wants to reach both goals they will have to rely on their farm system but they also may have to fill in some gaps from the free agency and trade markets as well and one name that I keep seeing mentioned around Yankees blogs and the internet is that of Detroit Tigers position player J.D. Martinez. Could he be had and would he be a good fit for the Yankees in 2017?

As recently as the 2015 season Martinez slugged 38 home runs with 102 RBI in a very pitcher friendly park in Comerica and while he took a step back in 2016, 22 home runs in just 120 games, his right-handed power is not something that you see become available every day. His power is especially rare when you consider his 2016 triple slash of .307/.373/.535 showing that he is a well-rounded player that can hit for average, take his walks and slug when he has to. The Yankees would presumably be interested in adding the outfielder to the fold based off these numbers alone but you have to wonder if there will be room.

The Yankees, at least this is what they are telling everyone, will give Aaron Judge every opportunity to fail in 2017 at the right field position and the team also has roster spots currently occupied by Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, Tyler Austin and Aaron Hicks. On paper a deal doesn’t make sense but it begs the question, would it be worth trading Brett Gardner in a separate deal to make room for Martinez? Would it be worth it to trade Judge in a deal for a starting pitcher to make room for Martinez? Yes and no. Trading Gardner to make room for Martinez hurts less than losing Judge for Martinez because of the sole reason that Martinez is a free agent after the 2017 season. Trading Gardner in a deal that could bring back a pitcher though, that could work.

Having Martinez in the Bronx for one year could give players like Judge and Clint Frazier to name a few the time they need to develop and ultimately succeed at the Major League level while the Yankees outfield production gets a big shot in the arm. It’s a win, win and could be a triple “win” if Gardner brings back a young starting pitcher. Cashman, are you reading?


  1. This would be too good to come true. I would even eat salary for Ellsbury or Gardner to include in this trade. Could you imagine a middle of the order of Sanchez/Martinez/Judge? You could even insert Bird and Didi in there to break up the right handers.

    1. Guy's not to break your bubble but Coupon Clipper isn't spending money. As my buddy Reed says they are over the salary cap so what makes you think he will spend anything? Only team that didn't spend on a FA last year. How embarrassing is that? $3.4 billion dollar organization not spending a penny, yet the bankrupt Mets sign a few FA including Cepedes.

      Face it, it needs to get worse before it gets better. Pressure needs to come from Murdoch and the fans by failing to deepen the pockets of Hal and family. A new ownership group and upper management team need to come in here and make them the Yankees again. Not the Florida Marlins who last year spend more money on FA's

    2. I agree that Hal is not going to spend a lot of money, and I really don't think they should this offseason. They should make every attempt possible to bring back Chapman, but that's it. Trading for Martinez isn't spending money though. It's upgrading through trade. Not saying Cashman can or will pull this off, just saying I would like to see it happen.

    3. Levin I agree with you on Hal. All in on Chapman because after next year you have 52 mill or so coming off books on CC and Arod alone. Pre pay the expense now. DB is no closer. He has the yips in throwing to bases


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