Saturday, November 19, 2016

Meet a Prospect: Albert Abreu

The New York Yankees sent Brian McCann to the Houston Astros for two pitching prospects late Thursday and today we will meet them both. The first of the two prospects is right-handed pitcher Albert Abreu who was thought to be the center piece of the deal from Houston. Let’s meet the newest member of the farm system and the newest member of the family. This is Meet a Prospect: The Albert Abreu Edition.

At the time of the trade Abreu was the Houston Astros 7th best prospect in what is considered to be a solid farm system despite flooding their MLB roster with talent from the minor leagues in recent years. Abreu is a project for the Yankees and their minor league instructors as Abreu reached just Single-A Ball in 2016 posting a 3-8 record with a 3.72 ERA. Pay no attention to the wins and loss record, especially that low in the minor league system, and instead focus on the flashes of dominance that Abreu displayed this season with Houston.

Abreu projects to be a starter at the Major League level with his 99 MPH fastball at just 21-years old. When the Astros signed Abreu out of the Dominican Republic back in 2013 the right-hander was throwing just 91 MPH with his fastball.

Like many pitchers from the Dominican Republic and like many 21-year old pitchers the career for Abreu will be made or lost on whether he can develop his secondary pitches. Abreu throws a slider and a changeup but both pitches are considered to be raw or underdeveloped at this time.

Abreu is a project but the sky is the limit for the kid. The Yankees could have ace or #2 pitcher type projections on their hands if they can develop him carefully. If not he’d make for a hell of a bullpen arm to team up with Dellin Betances or whatever other flamethrower the Yankees have in the bullpen at the time. The wait on players like Abreu is tough but I am excited to see this kid in the system.

Welcome, and enjoy. 

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