Saturday, November 19, 2016

Meet a Prospect: Jorge Guzman

Earlier today we introduced one of the newest prospects to join the Yankees farm system in Albert Abreu so it would only be fair to also get to know the other right-handed arm that joined the Yankees in the Brian McCann trade, Jorge Guzman. Welcome to the team, the organization and most importantly welcome to the family. This is Meet a Prospect: The Jorge Guzman Edition.

Guzman, unlike Abreu, has struggled a bit as a starter in the Houston Astros minor league system and may find himself in the bullpen for the New York Yankees before things are all said and done. Guzman has a great fastball at just 20-years old but his command has been questionable at best throughout his short minor league career.

Guzman strikes out an absolute ton of hitters which is evident by his 11.5 K/9 ratio but his 4.63 ERA leaves much to be desired overall. Guzman’s walk numbers were better in 2016 when compared to his 2015 numbers, which is encouraging, but he sure has a long way to go before he is considered at least a starting pitching prospect let alone a potential game changing prospect in my eyes.

Guzman has a long way to go, he also reached A-Ball in 2016, but if he can develop some command he could be a strong bullpen piece for the Yankees going forward. If he adds another pitch or two he could conceivably pull a Chance Adams or equivalent and get converted to a starter as well but again, he has a long way to go either way. One step at a time.

Welcome to the family, Jorge. Glad to have you.

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