Thursday, May 11, 2017

CC Sabathia starring in The Curious Case of CC Sabathia

Coming this summer to a screen near you the latest movie “The Curious Case of CC Sabathia” starring CC Sabathia, Yankees GM Brian Cashman and the Yankees principal owner Hal Steinbrenner. On a serious note though what in the world is going on with CC Sabathia and what are the New York Yankees prepared to do about it? That’s the curious case if you ask me.

If the Yankees plan on competing in the American League East this season and if the team wants to go beyond the AL Wild Card Game and/or the American League Division Series you would have to believe they would need more out of the big left-hander or they will at the very least have to have a contingency plan just in case his struggles continue.

After the Yankees 5-3 loss in Cincinnati on Tuesday night the Yankees have seen CC go from one of the best pitchers in the game during his first three starts to one of the worst over the course of his last four starts. In that span Sabathia has pitched to a 9.58 ERA in 20.2 innings allowing 30 hits and 22 earned runs. In the now immortal words of Joe Girardi, that’s not what you want.

Sabathia is blaming the lack of control and sharpness of his cutter, especially to right-handed batters, and Joe Girardi agrees with him publicly. Where is Larry Rothschild in all this? It’s been four starts, which roughly equates to 20 days, since his last decent start. Come on now. Fix it or move him. Force him into retirement like you did Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. Do what you have to do, just do something.

He’s making $25 million this season before hitting free agency so it’s basically a sunk cost for the Yankees. New York is paying him that $25 million regardless of whether he is pitching in the rotation, the bullpen or for another team so the team might as well do what’s best for the organization this year because this team has a true shot at being special. They may just be one impact starter away…. 


  1. I pray every night that I no longer have to see both CC's on this team again. First can we please parade someone else out at first base other than Chris Carter who masquerades as an alleged baseball player. You mean to tell me that you can't put Headley or Holiday or Romine over there and insert Ronald T over at third when Headley plays first?

    I am getting sick and tired of watching a terrible approach at the plate with his constant waving at pitches. Cut the bum already. Second as Patrick has said so many times that CC is done. What more can anyone say that hasn't been said about this guy. Nice guy, helped us win a WS but the game has passed you by. It's time to go back home and eat your box of Captain Crunch cereal and gain another 100 pounds.

    1. HANSEL...When it comes to C.Sea Anchor, I no longer pray.
      The TV is dark, and the radio is silent. I know the ending.
      It is a recharge night for me.
      Yes, Chris Carter, has always confused me also.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)