Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Yankee Stadium Off Day Music Recommendation

The New York Yankees are off today as they finally get a day of rest as the team travels to square off with the Houston Astros so let’s have a little fun today with our relaxation, shall we?
Every off day the Yankees have, or close to it as we can get, we showcase one of the Yankees players walkup music as they step up to the plate or enter from the bullpen and today, friends, will be no different. Today we will showcase the walkup music of the one that makes us rise….. yeah not the greatest choice of words. Aaron Judge!

Every time Judge takes his place at the plate inside Yankee Stadium the song "Through the Late Night" by Travis Scott can be heard blaring through the Yankee Stadium speakers.

Also, from my own personal collection, I have been stuck on this Logic album called “Everybody.” I especially like the song below called “Everybody.”

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