Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Okay So Maybe I Was Wrong About Aaron Hicks

"Thank you God for helping me make THE Daniel Burch happy"

If you have been reading my work here on the site for the last five-years or so you know a couple things about me as a fan and as a writer. I’m passionate, I believe that I am always 100% right and when I am not I am the first person to admit when I’m wrong. I had the Yankees making the postseason last year and they didn’t make it, I made a post admitting defeat. Hell I post all my predictions before every season and then post them again at the end of the season so you can see just how bad I did which leads me to the topic of Aaron Hicks and how incredibly wrong I may have been regarding him and his roster spot with the team.

Hicks, in a word, is killing it right now. Hicks is doing better than some starting outfielders and has been delegated to a fourth outfielder spot here with the Yankees. Has a fourth outfielder or bench piece ever made the All-Star Game? Probably not but if you ask me right now, all bias aside, Hicks may be and should be the first if the game was played today. Hicks has been brilliant for the Yankees thus far this season and the sample size just keeps growing and growing while the stat line remains relatively the same. He’s been the real deal for New York this season and I am almost, ALMOST, ready to admit that I may have been a bit hard on him last season and into spring training 2017. Almost.

Heading into the series finale with the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday night Hicks was sitting at an impressive .342 batting average and 1.106 OPS with six home runs and 16 RBI in just 73 at-bats while playing an impressive outfield defensively, as usual. Could Hicks, now 27-years old, be the late-bloomer that Brian Cashman described last season when many people, no one more than myself, was killing the guy? It’s looking pretty foolish to have doubted him now and it also looks pretty foolish for Cashman to have compared Hicks to Jackie Bradley Jr. as well because he is far exceeding what Bradley Jr. has done thus far in the Majors. Again, it’s 73 at-bats but again as the sample size rises so do his stats so I don’t know how comfortable I am being the one to doubt him again.

Keep hitting like this Aaron and you keep making me look like a moron for ever doubting you, and I’m totally okay with that. 

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  1. I too must admit I may have been wrong about Hicks and Castro! In the long run, I may end up being right about Castro but only time will tell...hope I have been wrong about him also!


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