Monday, August 28, 2017

Masa & The Game of Errors...

Credit:  Noah K Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Yankees 10, Mariners 1…

Okay, the ugliness was isolated to the first inning, for the most part, but the Yankees came out on the right side and coasted to the easy victory over the Seattle Mariners.  I would love to have one of these kind of games against the Boston Red Sox but we’re never so lucky.

The top of the first inning didn’t start out very well as it took Masahiro Tanaka a few batters before he could find his groove.  After Jean Segura lined out directly to Aaron Judge in right to start the game, Yonder Alonso singled to left and advanced to second when left fielder Aaron Hicks was unable to field the ball cleanly.  Error on Hicks.  Robinson Cano, making his first start in the series after sitting out two games with hamstring tightness, singled to left in front of Aaron Hicks and Jacoby Ellsbury (“you get it”…“no, no, after you”).  Alonso moved to third.  Nelson Cruz was next and he smacked a double to the left field wall, scoring Alonso.  Cano advanced to third.  Fortunately, from there, Tanaka found his pitches.  He struck out Kyle Seager and then got out of the inning with only one run scored when Mitch Haniger flied out to right center.  It could have been much worse but Tanaka was able to  limit the damage.  

Credit:  Corey Sipkin-NY Post

In the bottom of the 1st, Tanaka was rewarded for his effort.  Aaron Hicks led off against Mariners starter Andrew Albers and popped out to short.  Starlin Castro followed with a double over the head of right fielder Mitch Haniger.  The Baseball Gods decided to smile upon the home team at this point.  Gary Sanchez singled to left and Ben Gamel ran up on the ball and missed it with his glove.  By the time center fielder Guillermo Heredia had retrieved the ball and threw it to the infield, Castro had scored and Sanchez was standing on second.  The game was tied.  After Aaron Judge walked, Didi Gregorius hit a fly to shallow left.  With the trio of Ben Gamel, Guillermo Heredia and Jean Segura converging, no one called for the ball and it fell in.  The error was charged to Segura and the bases were loaded.  For the Mariners, the nightmare continued.  Chase Headley hit a grounder to third that Kyle Seager bobbled and dropped.  Sanchez scored and Headley was safe at first.  The bases were still loaded.  Todd Frazier struck out for the second out.  It brought Jacoby Ellsbury to the plate.  Ells lined a double to left.  Ben Gamel retrieved the ball and threw it into Jean Segura at short who dropped the ball and momentarily lost sight of it.  Judge and Gregorius scored.  Headley, seeing the opportunity when Segura dropped the ball, broke for home.  Segura’s throw bounced past the catcher as Headley scored and Ellsbury took third.  Ronald Torreyes hit a grounder to third and then beat out the throw from Seager.  Ellsbury scored and it was 6-1 Yankees.  Aaron Hicks, who had started the inning with a pop out, flied out to center to end the inning.  Alas, all good things must end.  The Mariners were charged a total of five errors in the inning.

Credit:  Bill Kostroun-Associated Press

Manager Joe Girardi’s day was over before the Mariners starter was out of the game.  With one out and Jean Segura at first in the top of the 3rd, Robinson Cano hit a grounder to first baseman Chase Headley who threw to Didi Gregorius at second for the force out.  However, the Yankees were unable to turn the inning-ending double play when Segura ran out of the base path and obstructed the view of Gregorius to first which caused an errant throw.  Girardi came flying out, demanding an explanation and got tossed for his inquisitive approach.  He received a standing ovation as he walked off the field.  Fortunately, Tanaka struck out Nelson Cruz to avoid any damage, but Girardi got to watch the rest of the game on TV like the rest of us who weren’t fortunate enough to be at Yankee Stadium.

Credit:  Jim McIsaac-Getty Images

In the bottom of the 3rd, the Yankees added to their lead.  Ronald Torreyes, singled to center for his second hit of the game with two outs.  Aaron Hicks lined a single to right, moving Toe to second.  Starlin Castro singled with a blooper to center to score Toe and the Yankees were up 7-1.  

Credit:  Corey Sipkin-NY Post

Todd Frazier committed the game’s seventh error, and the second by the Yankees, to open the top of the 6th when he was unable to field a grounder hit by Nelson Cruz.  Tanaka struck out the next two batters and got Ben Gamel to ground out to first to leave Cruz stranded at first.  No harm, no foul.  

In the bottom of the 6th with Andrew Albers still pitching for the Mariners, Starlin Castro led off with a soft line drive to center.  After Gary Sanchez walked, the Mariners made a pitching change to bring in reliever Dan Altavilla.  A wild pitch allowed the runners to move to second and third.  Aaron Judge walked to load the bases.  After Didi Gregorius struck out, Chase Headley hit a sacrifice fly to center.  Castro scored but Gary Sanchez was caught between second and third on the throw back into the infield and the Mariners were able to complete the double play.  However, the run counted and it was 8-1 Yankees.

After Masahiro Tanaka cruised through the Mariners in a three-up, three-down top of the 7th, the Yankees made more noise in the bottom of the inning.  Todd Frazier led off with a walk and moved to second when Jacoby Ellsbury singled on a roller to right.  Ronald Torreyes, with his third hit of the game, lined a single to left and the bases were loaded.  After Aaron Hicks popped out (infield fly rule invoked), Greg Bird pinch-hit for Starlin Castro.  Bird singled to right between the two infield defenders, scoring both Frazier and Ellsbury.  The Yankees now led 10-1.  

Credit:  Bill Kostroun-Associated Press

Caleb Smith took over for Tanaka in the 8th and retired the six batters he faced over the final two innings.  Danny Valencia, the game’s final batter, took Smith deep with Aaron Judge’s back nearly to the wall, but the ball landed in Judge’s glove for the final out.  Game over.  The Yankees win!

The Yankees (70-59) were able to pick up another game on Boston as the Red Sox fell to the Baltimore Orioles, 2-1.  The Yankees now trail the Red Sox by only 2 1/2 games.  Oh, if only the Yankees could have scored more runs Friday night.  The O’s finally reached .500 with their sweep of the Red Sox and continue to trail the Yankees by 5 1/2 games.  The Tampa Bay Rays won in extra innings over the St Louis Cardinals, 3-2, so they remain 6 1/2 games back of the Yankees.  No change in the Wild Card Standings as the Minnesota Twins beat the Toronto Blue Jays, 7-2, behind three homers by Byron Buxton to remain 3 1/2 games behind New York.  

I was worried going into this game given Masahiro Tanaka’s weird split of pitching much better at night than during daytime games.  But after the bumpy start, he settled down and gave the Yankees an ace-like performance.  Tanaka (10-10) went seven strong innings, holding the Mariners to the one run on six hits.  He walked one batter but more importantly did not give up any homers.  He struck out ten.  Nice job by Caleb Smith in saving the bullpen for the Cleveland Indians.  

Starlin Castro was 4-for-4 with an RBI and two runs scored.  Ronald Torreyes was 3-for-4, with a single RBI and a run scored.  The Yankee offense finished with 15 hits but surprisingly no home runs.  No matter, it was a very solid win and good momentum for the week ahead.

Next Up:  Cleveland Indians at Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY…

The Yankees begin a very difficult week that starts with the Indians and ends with the Boston Red Sox.  Every game is important at this stage of the season.  The Indians come into this series a little banged up.  They have a total of nine players on the DL, including LHP Andrew Miller, RHP Danny Salazar, OF Lonnie Chisenhall, OF Michael Brantley and 2B Jason Kipnis.  The Indians have a comfortable 6 1/2 game lead in the AL Central over the Minnesota Twins.  

Here are the scheduled pitching match-ups:

Indians:  Corey Kluber (12-4, 2.65 ERA)
Yankees:  Luis Severino (11-5, 3.10 ERA)

Indians:  Trevor Bauer (13-8, 4.59 ERA)
Yankees:  Jaime Garcia (1-1, 5.47 ERA)

Indians:  Josh Tomlin (7-9, 5.38 ERA)
Yankees:  CC Sabathia (10-5, 3.82 ERA)

This will be a tough series.  Admittedly, I wish Jordan Montgomery was here with the big league club and pitching on Tuesday night. Jaime Garcia does not inspire much confidence and certainly not when he’s facing a very tough Trevor Bauer.  I hope Caleb Smith is prepared to pitch that day.  

Have a great Monday!  I know that Corey Kluber will be tough but let’s make it three-in-a-row!  Go Yankees!


  1. Observations.
    Too bad that things are the way they are here.

    So many top tier posters have cut ties, and vanished. But why ?

    Rules of behavior, along with threats, brought it on.

    I think adults should have been allowed to go after each other, and
    been given the latitude to do so. Hammer away.
    If you are dumb, and speak deserve what you get.

    Ken, (Remember him ?) could never handle Twasp. Twasp had his number.
    Twasp loved Ken. Ken could never see that Twasp was teasing him.

    It was super great back and forth. Classic stuff. Snuffed out, and buried.
    But in the was either he goes, or I go. The very best left.

    But it was great reading. Words are words, and now we are left with low level blather. Low level may be too high of a grade level.

    Imagine if Twasp was given encouragement, instead of 'cool-it' orders ?
    The great Hans tried hard often. But was often triple teamed. Shunned.
    The poor guy circled the drain, and disappeared.

    I have a multitude of issues that have eaten into my free time.
    Those, and the loss of top tier posters has left me with vanilla
    posters who rarely contribute. Who wants that ?

    Ken ? My guess he will be back. Only to leave again. Same reasons.
    Sorry to witnessed what has happened here.

    I do not need to be told what I have watched happen.

    1. In my opinion TWasp never really gave us an extended look or shot here. We were still a young site and still trying to figure it out when he was here. Hell we are still trying to figure it out. No one is ever done learning, adjusting or working on things. The problem is instead of people bringing up posts like the one above they just disappear, or they bring it up when it's too late.

      We will press on like we always have and we always will and we welcome anyone along for the journey and the ride. And if you choose not to be a part of it, no hard feelings either.

  2. Damn good thing I checked in today. Daniel, you and patrick are a little bit confused! I am not leaving at all I am in the process of moving from this god awful state and really have no time for commenting.
    As for T-Bug, I got tired of his never coming up with anything new or original...other than a new way of picking apart other peoples ideas with stretching the truth to fit his bloviating way.
    Ken H was a smart guy but took a shot at being smarter than he was...on some things. He was right many many times, but never admitted when he was wrong.
    And to make matters worse, I think outside the box all the time and don't go along with the "Player" or "Thing" of the day, and think I am right all the time...until proven wrong anyhow! Besides, the way I comment is as is a fact, not a comment. Sorry about that folks but, I learned that way of writing from the Army.

    patrick was right about this site lately, there is NO give and take or dissent among the commenters at all...well very little! When one does disagree they act as though it isn't there in front of them to comment on!

    Talk about Bloviating...I done done it, again!

  3. Again Reed I will point out I'm right more then I am wrong and i did admit when I'm wrong. You could never build a case that made any sense. I still read your nonsense but I choose not to engage until this last dig by you.

    1. See what I mean when I say you nit pick things.
      I bashed T-Bug, you and myself.
      Just got through packing stuff to move, I myself and Me welcomes you back even for a smack down of me. I don't mind it until it gets a bit redundant. Just have fun!

    2. patrick is right, the site has been slacking on comments and debate. That's probably my fault and I take full responsibility for it.

      Mr. Reed, I wish you safe travels on your move and I hope to hear from you soon.

      Mr. Hans, welcome back sir.

  4. Twasp, and the return of the two missing in action:

    Let me lead with Tommy Twasp. The most dynamic poster I've ever encountered.

    Kenny still gets it all wrong. Starting with the dumb T-Bug remarks,
    and "If he don't leave, I'm out of here!"
    Tommy T. once told me that he loved Kenny. He never allowed anyone to go
    over the top with Ken. He would throw himself on the sword for Ken.

    Yes, Ken Reed can handle himself, but Tommy was always there for him.

    Ken never got the Twasp humor. Being teased seemed to fluster Ken.
    Maybe Twasp was too quick for Ken, but he never spoke badly of Ken.
    You know that Ken.
    Even as Tommy was leaving, he tried to reach out to Ken. Nothing.
    Tommy was not just a great poster, he simply performed at
    a much higher level.

    Daniel....You did not know what you had here with Twasp. My observation
    was that he was given the cold shoulder here. Perhaps he was a bit
    brash, but he only wanted the best for your site.
    In his final words to me, he said he felt unwanted, and his service
    not needed. I agree.

    Ken Hans....So glad to read your words again. Never lose your swagger.
    You provide a pulse to this site that is so lacking. So obvious also.
    With you back, I will try to find the time to post more often.

    Did you hear that Trump wants to put up the first wall around the whole state of New Jersey? Don't let them out!... Take care.

    1. Well I stand by my opinion, nothing more than an opinion, that Tommy never really gave us a shot. We had to feel him out just like he had to feel us out. He didn't stay very long and didn't contribute as much as you make it out to be. It's not that he wasn't unwanted or not needed. Everyone here is wanted. I am a Scorpio (if you don't follow or believe in the signs then my apologies) and one thing about a Scorpio is that you always know where you stand with them. They don't equivocate and they don't tend to beat around the bush.

      if he or anyone was unwanted or unappreciated I would be the first to tell you or him so. He was wanted. I loved when he would send me on wild goose chases chasing down stats and players who have done this or that. I thought I treated him the way I treat everyone here, but maybe I am clearly bias in this matter and I didn't see it.

      Unless he comes back it's all water under the bridge. He was offered and asked to come back many times. What more was I to do? Beg?

    2. Patrick I always enjoy your posts even when we don't agree, just as I do with Levin. By the way Levin just to throw you a little barb where is your man Gardner's BA today? Right around his lifetime BA. We know a person on here who doesn't believe the back of your card, however numbers don't lie. I will say he is doing a very good job this year, however a guy with his speed should have more then 17 stolen bases or whatever low number it is

    3. Especially when Joe Girardi gives all his veterans the green light to steal when they want. Maybe that's the issue, maybe Girardi needs to grab the situation by the balls and start, I dunno, managing?

  5. patrick, I know you liked T-Bug, he could turn a phrase with the best of them.
    But, he was a pain in the ass to me, you were his buddy and never got his act turned on you.

    You wrote:
    "Kenny still gets it all wrong. Starting with the dumb T-Bug remarks,
    and "If he don't leave, I'm out of here!"
    Tommy T. once told me that he loved Kenny. He never allowed anyone to go
    over the top with Ken. He would throw himself on the sword for Ken."

    That is what I said, for sure! He quit instead of being more reasonable. I call him T-Bug and you take me to task for it, but he got away with saying anything and it was alright! I see!

    Anyhow, that is "WAS TIME", this is "NOW"!
    Watch your 6, and keep the sun at your back!

    Have more packing to do before "THE Boss" kicks my butt!


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