Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Here’s An Idea, Jacoby Ellsbury to the San Francisco Giants

Brian Cashman, or someone in Brian Cashman’s ear anyway, reads my stuff so Brian, let me help you out a little bit this offseason. You have an outfielder on your roster that doesn’t need to be there, an outfielder that is taking precious at-bats away from players like Clint Frazier and Aaron Hicks. You also have a team out there that is seemingly always in the market for speedy, top of the lineup hitting outfielders that are said to be “flush with cash” this offseason but are also a team that are said to be lacking in terms of prospects in the San Francisco Giants. The Giants may want Giancarlo Stanton but they won’t have the prospects or MLB ready talent to make that happen so do you think maybe you should pick up the phone and dump, I’m sorry…. I mean trade, Jacoby Ellsbury to the Giants… even if you don’t exactly get the best prospects in return for him? Or am I making too much sense right now for you guys?

Ellsbury can be the latest Giants center fielder to head out there after struggling with their former teams, see Angel Pagan as a recent example of this. San Francisco knows they cannot make a big splash if the moves involves prospects and the Yankees could move Ellsbury without eating any, or much, of his salary with that in mind. Ellsbury is an excess part, it truly doesn’t and shouldn’t matter what the team gets back from San Francisco because the salary relief (insert luxury tax threshold and austerity line here) in itself should be sufficient to the Yankees.

Ellsbury hasn’t been horrible and he has actually been pretty durable during his tenure with the Yankees, a concern of many when he was signed, so it’s not like I am asking to dump absolute trash on the Giants here without eating his salary. Ellsbury is still a useful player, he just isn’t as useful in the Bronx as he could be elsewhere with the emergence of all this young talent with New York.

Moving Ellsbury to San Francisco is likely easier said than done and a lot of chips would have to fall before this happened including the signing of JD Martinez and the trade of Giancarlo Stanton but this is definitely an idea that the Yankees and Cashman should keep in their back pocket. Or maybe we can just keep the guy and keep stunting Frazier’s growth and Hicks’ development, either way. Your call, I’m just a blogger.

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  1. Sorry guys half? Seattle and SF want the Yankees to pay all but 3 to 5 million a year tops. Yes it's still 3 to 5 a year savings but... not gonna happen. I'd be totally shocked if Ellsbury wasn't there opening day...Again lol


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