Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Giancarlo Stanton Starts Slow... Nothing New

Okay Yankees fans, listen. Giancarlo Stanton has started his Yankees tenure a little slow and with a few more strikeouts than we, the fans, are comfortable with. You know what I say to that? So what? It is nothing new for Stanton and the man wearing the #27 in pinstripes has been exactly what he was when the team acquired him, a bit of a slow starter, but a finisher.

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Let's take a look at a month-by-month breakdown of what Stanton has done throughout his career with the Miami Marlins and the New York Yankees, courtesy of Baseball Reference.

March/April: .252/.341/.494/.835 with 38 home runs in 170 games
May: .277/.362/.587/.949 with 49 home runs in 162 games
June: .268/.346/.513/.859 with 44 home runs in 190 games
July: .262/.369/.573/.942 with 44 home runs in 158 games
August: .283/.381/.620/1.001 with 56 home runs in 168 games
September/October: .263/.358/.539/.898 with 39 home runs in 152 games

And for your reference here are Stanton's stats through 15 games:

.210/.310/.435/.735 with three home runs and 10 RBI. The keyword being FIFTEEN games.

As you can see it is nothing new for Stanton to heat up the warmer it gets outside, and that was down in Miami where it is generally a lot warmer than in New York. There is no reason why Stanton won't and can't do that again in 2018, at least if he is given the backing by the fans of the New York Yankees. Us. Stop booing the guy, support the guy, and ride his bat all the way to October... just like it was intended all along. World Series Championships are not won in March and April, and if I were a betting man I would bet on the Yankees being right in the thick of things in September and October, due in large part to the slow starting Stanton.


  1. Here is my take , move him down for a few games.Say flip him and Sanchez for a few games see how removing some of the pressure of Judge and Stanton combo for awhile.
    My take on Torres , talk about him coming to play 3rd base , HELLO. Andujar is starting to ht whuch is more than I can say for the Tyler Wade and Neil Walker combo.
    Torres is my 2nd baseman and Andujar is my 3rd Baseman and Torreyes is my all around guy and the rest if them can collect unemployment.
    Was not in favor of the Walker signing it was not needed with Drury trade and even now with Drury on the DL was not needed .
    Someone needs to slip Ellsbury money under the table( rest of hos salary) to retire and then come back as an instructor.

  2. "A fist full of dollars, a few dollars more."
    An old Clint Eastwood movie from the 60's. That is this years Yankees team.

    I am angry tonight, and I see rough waters ahead.
    Live-jackets please.
    They needed another $200 million dollar player after Alex ? Why ?

    I offer two players that would have changed this team for the better.

    A) Gerrit Cole...Available this winter, now with Houston.
    21.0 innings pitched. 36 ! Strike-outs. ERA: 1.29.
    Who needs him ? When you have Luis Enrique Cessa, Tanaka, and Sabathia.
    He was there for the taking.

    B) Todd Frazier...His stats do not matter. He was the glue for last
    years run. Look at the Mets now.. And, Fraizer has always played
    a fine third base.
    Who needs him? To me he was the biggest mistake made.

    Sorry, but I see trouble ahead.

    1. * It is "life-jackets please", not "live-jackets please". Sorry.

    2. I'm with you Patrick. No need for Stanton. We needed arms and the Elf read too many of his own press clippings instead of doing the right thing. He wanted a manager that worked well with the press, not one who had a clue. Life jackets might not be enough to save this group. Elf wants them to play better. Question who besides the players does that fall on? I would rather have Daniel Boone with his skunk hat on than Aaron I have no fire in me Boone.

    3. Today, I feel bad for Tyler Wade. Real bad.
      I do not pretend to live in a baseball players world.
      Since childhood Wade was working towards the majors.
      He must have a hundred trophies, and even more photos of himself.
      The pride of his hometown. I'm sure a girl friend also.

      Could he not compete at the highest level? He tried.
      Sure, with his defense, and speed, but can he hit?
      Last season..no. So far..no, again.

      Today he was sent away. A young stallion was on his way up.

      He knew it was coming, and he could not avoid it.
      He must be crushed. All those years, and dreams thrown aside.

  3. I am going to have to side with Team Patrick on this one...


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