Thursday, May 24, 2018

I’m Hungry: Yankee Stadium Food

Good morning everyone. Am I the only one that woke up hungry as hell today? I doubt it, but really. I’m hungry and the food at Yankee Stadium this season looks absolutely amazing. Let’s take advantage of the off day today as the Yankees travel back to the Bronx and hit the high spots in terms of food choices inside Yankee Stadium III.

Put away the peanuts, stay away from the Cracker Jacks, and popcorn is a waste of goof stomach space here in the Bronx. Especially when you consider that section 127 has hand rolled taquitos in a plastic Yankees cup! I love taquitos, and I won’t apologize for it either. The three taquitos are sitting in a helping of chili con queso and pico de gallo. Black bean and chicken are your protein options.

Bacon cheeseburger crispy dumpling. Enough said, right? The Noodle Bowl Stand in section 127 sells ground beef, bacon and cheese wrapped in a dumpling before being fried and serves them with Thousand island dressing and a stadium-made pickle.

Adobo Bao can be found in the Toyota Terrace and is a Filipino-style pulled chicken thigh and garlic aioli sauce topped with crispy pork cracklings in a steamed bun. If this is how they eat in the Philippines, count me in.

The Rotisserie Chicken and Steak Stand in section is where you need to go for all the meat you could ever dream of. The rotisserie chickens are all organic and cooked there right on the spot, served in halves with fries. The steak is a 10-ounce flatiron steak that is also served with fries.

Of course, you can always stop by Jersey Mike’s sub sandwiches, Mighty Quinn’s BBQ, Papa John’s Pizza (gross), Ben & Jerry’s, Nathan’s Famous (a must), Bacon on a Stick, Tater Kegs and so much more. Come hungry.

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