Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Time To Get Greedy....

IS NOW .......

    Waiting to the trade deadline is not a option for this Yankee Fan! That’s not to say when the trade deadline comes we stand pat. However right now all the W’s we can get are much needed the Red Sox are not going anywhere. Well enough with the small talk, what I am talking about is the man the Yankees called up Yesterday Clint Frazier it’s time to let him play!!! He can play any of the 3 Of spots. Yes yes i know playing Clint means someone has to go. Aaron Hicks or Brett Gardner. Who you ask ? Let’s look at two simple points.  

   Gardner is home grown has proven he can handle New York.   

   Hicks on the other hand has proven he is nothing more then a talented FLAKE. Good some days, bad most others. Great defender can’t hit on a everyday basis. Most likely should be a 4th outfielder.  

    My opinion Hicks needs to be traded now. He is out of options so can’t be sent down and won’t clear waivers, so trade him now even if his stock is down. Maybe a 5th Starter? A LHP for the pen? Anyways trust me the value Frazier adds will be well worth it! Once Greg Bird comes back with him and Frazier the Yankees will be better off and near unbeatable.  

End Rant! 

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Good Night Fans!!  

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  1. I said all along Hicks should be traded while he had value over the winter.
    Gardner can cover and in most cases takes a better route than Hicks to the ball and Frazier's arm is an uprade over Gardner's in LF.
    Enough with the Didi , send him to the video room and look at the first month and figure it out or Machado just could be wearing the pinstripes.
    Judge has no protection right now, though I did see Stanton move back to 3 hole.
    That spot is for Bird , and Bird will have to be ready because he will get pitched to.
    With Pollock hurt now is the time to send Ells to Arizona along with AJ Cole for Corbin( Cant blame me for wishing)


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