Tuesday, May 22, 2018

USA Today’s Weekly MLB Power Rankings

To be the best, you have to beat the best. Not many teams want to be the best lately because not many teams have beaten the Yankees lately. To be fair the team hardly played last week due to scheduled days off, slumber parties inside of airports, and Mother Nature, but the team has picked back up where they left off during last week’s rankings. On top and winning.

The New York Yankees are in the top spot this week followed by the Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros, the Atlanta Braves (not a typo!), and the Milwaukee Brewers (also not a typo!). Wow, what a Top 5. Who had that Top 5 before the season? Nobody. Not even me, and I go way out there with my predictions sometimes.

The Philadelphia Phillies rose an impressive eight spots to the #7 position while the Washington Nationals are in danger of falling out of the Top 10 after falling five spots this week to tenth. The Cleveland Indians (16th, down three spots) are behind the New York Mets (14th, up three spots) in the rankings this week while the Oakland Athletics continue to defy the odds and climb the rankings. And then we have the Arizona Diamondbacks who fell eight spots to the #12 position, ouch.

The American League East looks weak right now aside from the Bronx Bombers and the Boston Red Sox with the Toronto Blue Jays ranked 20th, the Tampa Bay Rays ranked 21st and the Baltimore Orioles ranked 29th overall.

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