Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Neil Walker to Seattle Makes Some Sense

The countdown to the return of Greg Bird is imminent as the Yankees young first baseman could be activated as early as this week. While it seems like a foregone conclusion that Bird will be making his 2018 debut soon it is unclear how the Yankees will deal with the best problem to have, too many good players and not enough positions to play them all at. The Yankees have not only survived, but flourished, without Bird using the combination of Neil Walker, Tyler Austin, Gleyber Torres, Brandon Drury and Miguel Andujar in their infield, but it seems like when Bird is activated off the disabled list that at least one of them will have to go. You can’t really send down Andujar or Torres in my opinion, Drury is already biding his time at Triple-A and Austin has earned his spot here on the roster in my opinion leaving just one man, the former New York Mets and Milwaukee Brewers product. You know what they say around baseball when you have these impending roster crunches, these things tend to work themselves out, and this situation in the Bronx may have been worked out last week due to an old friend.

Robinson Cano, former New York Yankees player and 2009 World Series champion, was suspended by the league for a failed PED test leading Seattle to be without their second baseman for at least 80 games, although most of those games the Mariners would have been without him anyway due to a broken bone in his hand. That is another rant for another day. The Mariners are said to be scouring the trade market either for a second baseman to replace Cano during the suspension or a center fielder to replace Dee Gordon, a former second baseman and the Mariners current center fielder who will be filling in for Cano at least temporarily. It has been speculated that the Mariners and the Boston Red Sox may be willing to make a deal involving Jackie Bradley Jr., Eduardo Nunez or Brock Holt, but could the Yankees swoop in and steal a prospect or two from Seattle instead?

Neil Walker seems like he will be the odd man out of the Bronx when Greg Bird returns so you have to think the Yankees would like to get something for Walker in return for his services rather than designating him for assignment, right? Walker is a natural second baseman that could fill in for Cano now at the position while he could also help the team march towards the postseason in the second half when Cano returns. Walker to the Mariners makes a whole lot of sense for the Yankees and for Seattle right now, so let’s make a deal. The Yankees should send Walker to Seattle for a prospect or two, I don’t know much about the Mariners system to name a name but presumably it would not be a Top 10 prospect in my opinion, while the Mariners take on the remaining part of Walker’s $4 million salary.

The Yankees clear a spot for Bird and they clear some money to spend at the July 31st trading deadline while staying under the luxury tax threshold. The team can also add a good prospect or two, this seems like a win-win for New York and for Seattle. Make it happen, Cashman.


  1. Wow, I just heard Dee Gordon is on the DL with a broken toe. The M's will be watching their playoff hopes spiral down the drain. If the Yankees don't move Walker, you have to believe the loser when Greg Bird comes back is Tyler Austin.

    1. The way Walker is hitting lately I think we could get something pretty useful back for him from the Mariners right now. Not a James Paxton obviously, but maybe someone better than a Double-A journeyman for the bullpen.

  2. The Mariners are ranked #30, that is dead last in baseball as far as farm systems go. They are in no position to trade any of their prospects as they really don't have any. We would basically be giving away Walker for nothing.

    1. We wouldn't be, and shouldn't be, asking for anything like a blue chip prospect for Walker anyway. We aren't going to be asking for a Gleyber Torres back for him. Just something useful that is close to or is already MLB ready would suit me just fine.

  3. The pitcher, German. Whats the big attraction?

    I sat there last night and watched a train wreck. Again.
    The broadcaster said he had to relax, don't throw a fast ball, and
    try again next time.

    Next time! Why is he here? Others had a shorter leash than this guy.
    This team may win 140 games, and fail in the end.
    Unless they obtain an top grade starter. Not Tanaka's brother.

    1. German is here temporarily. You had to give the guy at least a couple more starts after hurling six shutout and hitless innings. He probably has one more start in him, maybe, and if he wets the bet again I think we see someone else come up from Triple-A.

    2. Dano...I agree re: German. It's better this ship is taking on
      water now, and not August.
      Actually it stinks. Last off season was the time to acquire
      pitching help. Not now.
      This could get bad, real soon. Just look at your cast of
      failing characters. Sabathia is allowed to give up 7 runs
      in five innings, why? And Tanaka / German are bomb throwers.

  4. I just puked in my mouth watching CC and Holder and Shreve and Robertson. Out pitchers are making the Rangers look like Murderers Row for god sake. Hey elf as good as Stanton has been and as bad as Stanton has been we needed arms. This staff outside of Severino is a crap shoot. You can't always outscore your opponents.

    1. Hans...take some Mylanta.

      Sabathia is allowed to give up seven runs in five innings?
      That's a better deal than German got last night.
      What crap.

      Don't hold your breath with Sabathia / Tanaka.
      High end pitching will trump 300 home runs every time.

    2. I could't agree with you more Patrick. Not many 10 run wins in the playoffs. The elf didn't need Stanton. I would have taken Arietta.


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