Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hello… Trade Season?

Never have I seen a fan base in any of the four major North American sports that were this down on and this pessimistic about a first place team sitting on top of the league with the best record in the sport. My goodness, to read some of these Facebook groups and tweets floating around you would think the New York Yankees were the Baltimore Orioles and that Aaron Boone should be fired for removing a pitcher during an opposing batter’s home run trot. My goodness people take a chill pill. And with all that pessimism surrounding the team anyone and everyone has an idea, a roster move, and a trade that can put the Yankees over the top.

News flash people, it is May 22nd. It is not trade season, as much as you want it to be, and the Yankees are not going to make that huge splash this July even if it were. The team is getting under the luxury tax threshold and they aren’t selling the farm to get the young, cheap and controllable player to add to the roster. Deal with it, it’s happening.

EIGHT MORE DAYS. Hey you. I love you. 

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