Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Jacoby Ellsbury Out Six Months w/ Torn Labrum

The New York Yankees announced that Jacoby Ellsbury will miss at least the next six months after tearing his labrum in his left hip. If that injury sounds familiar to you, it should. Alex Rodriguez tore both of his labrums in both of his hips in separate off-season's requiring the long recover back to the Bronx that Ellsbury now has to look forward to. Ellsbury did not play a game in 2018 and will miss at least the rest of this season, if not some of next season as well.

Ellsbury, now 34-years old, signed a seven-year deal with New York worth $153 million and is still owed through the 2020 season. There is a $21 million option for the 2021 season with a $5 million buyout as well that the Yankees, in all likelihood, will have to absorb.

In a word, ugh. In another word or two, get well soon. That's all you can really say.

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