Friday, October 12, 2018

Didi Gregorius, CC Sabathia and Sonny Gray Updates

We aren't even to the World Series yet, but the New York Yankees are already dominating the offseason and hot stove news.

This week we learned that shortstop Didi Gregorius will need Tommy John surgery this offseason and will miss an undetermined amount of time in 2019. Didi injured the ulnar collateral ligament in his arm during the American League Division Series against the Boston Red Sox on a ground ball in Fenway Park. It sounds like right now Gleyber Torres, who missed time last season because of Tommy John surgery, will slide in to replace Didi at shortstop. Then again, Bubba Crosby will be the team's starting center fielder in 2005 as well.

CC Sabathia underwent a routine knee surgery this week as well, presumably just a cleanup operation not unlike the procedure he had during the offseason of 2016. If he chooses to, the knee surgery will not keep Sabathia out any time during the 2019 season.

Finally, the Yankees have already announced that they will shop RHP Sonny Gray this winter. I can't imagine they will get much in return for the free agent after the 2019 season, but if Cashman does get a nice haul for him he will forever be known as simple "The Wizard."


  1. No CC for 2019/, time to pass on him.
    Gray probably doesn't work with Rothschild philosophy so he won't be gone.
    Tough break for Didi being it is his FA year , might bet would be sign Machado try and talk to Gardy about taking 6 million on 2- 1 year contracts option on second year or time to let him walk ( I like Gardy)see what Frazier can do plus over paid Ellsbury will be back.
    Sign Corbin but no more than 10-12 million a year, some say he is worth 20 million sorry not for a number 3.
    Happ on 2 years with incentives and see what Sheffield has and bring one or both back in DRob and Britton.
    Cole gotta go same as Cessa
    Sanchez needs his eyes tested it is a vision problem.
    Betances needs a 3 year extension and Bird needs a chance to win the 1B job because he walks, hits doubles and home runs Voit rarely walks, never doubles.
    No to Walker because Wade and Torreyes can do what he does.
    Personally I would fire Rothschild and replace Bard and Nevins.

    1. Rev... Bird has control, yea, but he doesn't do much of anything,really.did you forget his past year? Of course, doesn't mean kick him to the curb. But he doesn't deserve a thing.

      I don't want ellsbury anywhere, and fraziers head hurts still/it's too far up his gf's ass.

      And man, come on, as long as cc is taking a 10 mil contract, he consistently puts up 150 IP with a mid 3 era in the AL east... You do it every single year... Always need starting pitchers... Look at the garbage that started this season. Gray cessa lasagna Adams, German. No knock on them, but there are plenty of starts to go around. Cc is the least of your problems. I go year to year forever.

  2. GEORGE STEINBRENNER..Would have said, "We need this guy."

    Shave off that beard, he will be the next Don Mattingly.
    Left handed pull power. 26 years old. Yankee Stadium. All Star...etc.

    Protecting Aaron Judge.....Bryce Harper. Game changer.

  3. It's Gunna be a long off season. Pretty much the longest since Dallas keuchel embarrassed us in 2015.

    Zach brittons incredible season was 67 IP, 0.54 era. A little over a K an inning. No other season was anything close... Mariano rivera pretty much matched that line in the post season over his career in 140 IP. 0.74 era, 110K,only a few more BB vs brittons 65 IP. Derek jeters career OBP in post season, 0.374. His line overall is painfully similar to his career line. This is the start. I now, it's been said a thousand times . I think judge is the man that steps up even more in post season, year after year. Who else is Gunna take this step?

    1. Bird could be the man....IF...he can over come the idea of playing for the Yankees and in the toughest division in baseball. He needs to toughen up and stay healthy.

  4. Sonny Gray is already being shopped to the Diamondbacks and the Braves, so I am told. Doesn't mean either trade will happen, mind you, but that's what I am hearing.


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