Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hello… 162 Games For Nothing

Good morning Yankees family and welcome back to the blog. Yes, the title of the post is accurate. The New York Yankees just played in 162 games for nothing. Well, not for nothing. The fact that the team is hosting the AL Wild Card Game and not traveling to Oakland for tomorrow night’s game means something, and the fact that they could have avoided this one-game playoff game scenario altogether is also something worth mentioning, but those things cannot be changed now. The outcome of the last 162 games cannot be altered. Aaron Boone’s questionable pitching change decisions and his favorable use of AJ Cole is now all water under the bridge. All the griping, complaining, and frustrations now mean nothing. The last 162 games mean nothing as the postseason is now a new season.

Every slate is clean. Everyone goes back to 0-0. Everyone still standing has a shot at glory. Win tonight and this game means nothing. Win three more and the ALDS means nothing. Just keep winning until there are no more games left to win. Then the only thing that will matter is the Canyon of Heroes parade.

Oh, and baby. I love you! We get to watch playoff baseball together again tomorrow!! That was so exciting last year and will be equally as exciting this year. I just know it. I loves you!!

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