Tuesday, October 2, 2018

My Thoughts on the 2018 Yankees So Far…

The New York Yankees have finished their 2018 campaign with an impressive 100-62 record. While many Yankees fans scoffed at anything positive pertaining to the team this year, which sounds crazy when you look at their final win/loss record, I have to say that I have been extremely impressed with the club this year, and here is why.

The Yankees had a rookie manager with a rookie bench coach this season in Aaron Boone and Josh Bard. Now while I do tend to agree that Boone and Bard had very little to do with the day-to-day outcome of the games, I cannot argue that the pair influenced more games than they probably should have. And no, I don’t believe it was always Boone who was making the pitching change choices, not with veterans like Larry Rothschild and Mike Harkey on the club’s payroll. Talent wins over all things in most cases, and they did for the most part here in 2018 as well. 

Anyone who expected Giancarlo Stanton to replicate his MVP season from 2017 lives in a delusional world that probably revolves around MLB The Show. Any free agent that comes from a smaller market team to the Bronx always struggles to find their own in New York the first season. Alex Rodriguez did, Jason Giambi did, and so many others. The fact that Giancarlo did what he did in New York this season makes me all the more excited for the 2019 version of the team. 

Injuries decimated this team. Sure, injuries can decimate any team and it is on the GM to have the reinforcements to survive, but the Yankees had many impactful injuries this season. Losing a consistent starter like Jordan Montgomery early on in the season forced months of Jonathan Loaisiga, Domingo German and others to take the mound while the losses of key contributors on and off the field like Didi Gregorius, Aaron Judge and others certainly didn’t help in the standings. The fact that the Yankees won 100 games and the first Wild Card slot despite them all is impressive to me, and it should be to you as well. 

Before the season started many fans and writers were clamoring for a big pickup because the “Yankees couldn’t win with two rookies in the infield.” Not only did the team win with Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres in the infield, they excelled with both in the lineup. Both have been major contributors and have been at the core of the Yankees success here in 2018… just as they were supposed to. 

We all must remember that the team was still supposed to be rebuilding here in 2018, not competing for a World Series. The team is way ahead of schedule and that is due to the fact that Brian Cashman built from within, made major trades to bring in prospects and key pieces along the way without sacrificing the farm, and the team has gelled together over the past two seasons. The “win or it’s a disappointment” year is 2019, so anything we get here in 2018 we should be grateful for. I know I am grateful for this team, what about you?

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  1. Here you go
    The AL East was decided in the first 19 games even though the Yankees rallied back and actually led for awhile.
    Boston started 17-2 New York 9-10
    Both teams went 91 -52 after that.
    Now Boston who has more starting pitching depth than the Yankees each lost starting pitching for about the same amount with the exception of Jordy.
    Lets face Boston DL for starting 9 was nothing compared to what the Yankees went through.
    The A's are built to win with bullpen, they are very much like the Yankees except out starting pitching is better but this a 1 game playoff so anything goes.One hanging split, one hanging fastball and our season could be done. Usually though Tanaka didn't last time you give him an early lead and Tanaka is tough same as Happ. Sevy can make a few mistakes and let team back in quickly and CC can be going along and all of a sudden lose it.
    1 game playoff anyone can win.
    Still pulling for the Yankees.
    Judge still does not have full strength in his wrist you can tell and his timing is a tad slow.
    Stanton is coming out of his slump and Miggy hits .My money is on the young Yankees but would be nice if the veterans stepped up tomorrow.


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