Thursday, April 4, 2013

Game 3 Lineup: Red Sox vs. Yankees

The Red Sox are attempting for the sweep. The Yankees are attempting to prevent the sweep. This should be good. Here's the lineup.

Lineup vs. Red Sox:

Brett Gardner CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Kevin Youkilis 3B
Travis Hafner DH
Vernon Wells LF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Eduardo Nunez SS
Lyle Overbay 2B
Francisco Cervelli C

Andy Pettitte LHP


  1. Gardner has been in the league for far too long to keep making bad decisions on the basepaths. He has the green light to go whenever he wants so he needs to be smart enough not to go when he gets a bad jump.

  2. Old Yankee - What do you think of Nunez at short? Seems to me his improved throwing mechanics look much better. In the past he used to get his feet tangled a lot and he had a long throwing motion which led to a lot of errant throws. They said they were working with him to shorten his motion and the difference is evident. He looks much more under control and compact in his delivery and his throws have been on target so far.

  3. Alright! we're playing baseball.......a bloop.....a rocket for a Double and another bloop with 2 outs to score 2...our first lead of the year!

  4. Brett Gardner goes BOOM!!!! HR for Gardner! :)

  5. I think people have to have some patience with players like Nunez, he's not Jeter. Let him grow normally, the kid can hit.

  6. I've said since he came up that they need to get him in the lineup more. He's a dynamic offensive player as a middle infielder who can hit for a solid average. He puts the ball in play, uses the entire field, has some pop and he can fly. When you look around the league at some of the MLB shortstops, Nunez can out-produce a lot of them. His only question is his defense and it looks like the throwing changes he made with Mick Kelleher are helping him. As you said Doug, patience is important because Nunez will get better with more self-confidence which will come when he sees the Manager/team is behind him and will play him through some rough patches.

  7. WOW! Cervelli absolutely crushed that ball. That was about 450 feet!! Holy shit! Hopefully Joe plays him tomorrow

  8. fishjam, this could be a blessing for the Yanks, if Nunny can show he can be consistent at SS maybe next year the Yanks can move Jeter to third, and DH A-Rod if he comes back.

  9. It's a possibility. Both Jeter and ARod are big question marks for 2014 right now but if Nunez proves he can play SS everyday it will help immensely as quality SSs are scarce in baseball today.

  10. I agree everyone knows I have been a big Nunez fan great to see him getting a shot here for a month.

  11. fishjam...
    His improvement is welcome and (I think) expected, once he had someone to work with him. One must remember he has not had the luxury of playing one position his whole career as have most SS. It seems to me, someone saw his athleticism and decided to make him into a utility man...bad move!

    As for Brett, I like him very much but, he has to bring himself back to reality...these players are the best in the world. It takes the best Brett can be to play with them. When he first came up we saw his raw speed and (I) thought his running decisions would improve. If he has a "Tell" of any sort, they have found it, and as you said, more or less..."bad decisions foster bad results"!


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