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Article Revisit: The Corey Black Interview

In honor of our fallen comrade Corey Black who was traded for Alfonso Soriano yesterday I wanted to take the time to revisit the Corey Black interview that was exclusively done for The Greedy Pinstripes. Good luck to Corey in Chicago and we want to personally thank him for all the things he did for us, for taking the time out to respond to tweets, and thank you for all your kind words. You are a class act and we appreciate you and we thank you for the memories. Now on to the interview.

Greedy Pinstripes Exclusive Interview W/ Corey Black

The Greedy Pinstripes are proud to present to you our latest exclusive interview, this time with Yankees starting pitcher Corey Black. Corey was drafted by the Yankees in the 2012 MLB First Year Player's Draft in the 4th round and spent time with the Gulf Coast Yankees, the Staten Island Yankees, and the Charleston Riverdogs last season. Going on two years removed from Tommy John Surgery we are really starting to see the full extent of Corey's potential especially in how he can dial up the radar guns with his fastball. We want to thank Corey for taking the time to do this interview and for being a Greedy Pinstripes follower, @GreedyStripes, on twitter. Follow Corey on twitter @ CblackCSC13 and follow him all season long for the Yankees minor league affiliate teams. 

The Greedy Pinstripes: Was your dream as a child always to be a baseball player? If not then what did you want to be when you grew up?

Corey Black: My dream was always to be a baseball player and if that didn’t work a pro at another sport
TGP: What team did you root for growing up as a kid?

CB: Growing up in SD I was always at Padres games
TGP: Favorite player(s) growing up?

CB: Alex Rodriguez and Ken Griffey Jr
TGP: Your biggest inspiration when it came to baseball?

CB: My mom was always pushing me to never give up on my dreams
TGP: Best college memory? Doesn't have to be baseball related.

CB: Being named SSAC Pitcher of the year
TGP: What is the hardest part of coming back from a Tommy John surgery?

CB: The set backs with dealing with an injury are always the worst. Surrounding yourself with people that push you to come back is what helped me
TGP: Favorite moment as a Yankees prospect?

CB: Being around all these soon to be Hall of Famers at big league camp
TGP: Who was the best prospect in the Yankees system that you ever played with?

CB: Its hard to pick one out because everyone in this organization is here for a reason
TGP: Do you keep in touch with any other current or former Yankees prospects or coaches?

CB: Ive only been here for a short amount of time so the people I am around are usually the people I associate with
TGP: Hardest part of being a prospect?

CB: Exceeding the expectations I put on myself
TGP: Were you always a pitcher? Did you ever want to try another position?

CB: I didn’t pitch until college. I was always a utility player mainly a shortstop & 3rd baseman growing up
TGP: With almost a strike out per inning would you consider yourself a strike out pitcher or more of a control pitcher?

CB: Last year I tried turning myself into a control pitcher because in college I walked way too many people and wouldn’t be able to get into later innings. Looking back as the walks went down the strike outs started rising. So yes I do think I am a strike out pitcher
TGP: Do you think you are better suited as a starter or a future reliever in the Major Leagues?

CB: I try not to think about that. I just do as I’m told and I go out and pitch
TGP: Over/Under 2 times you get called Francisco Arcia this spring?

CB: Over! Way over
TGP: Most famous person in your cell phone?

CB: Bryce Harper
TGP: Most embarrassing song/artist in your ipod?

CB: Bye bye bye –N SYNC

I want to thank Corey once again for taking the time to do this interview for us. You're always an awesome guy on twitter and we really appreciate you. By the way Corey can we get Bryce Harper's phone number?

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