Saturday, July 27, 2013


Boy, when was the last time the Yankees won a series? I actually had to look it up; it was the first weekend of July against the Orioles-when Mariano blew the save that Sunday, only his second blown save of the year. I gotta be honest, it's been a rough summer for sure--really ever since the Subway Series. The Yankees had a terrible June, and then when faced with a Royals/Twins home stand before the All-Star Break, they only go 3-4 when a fully stacked Yankee team would've gone at least 6-1. Then the Yankees went 3-4 on a Boston/Texas road-trip, and I was shocked they did that WELL.

Who would've thought one day the Yankee offense would revolve around Brent Lillibridge? Two clutch hits in both Yankee wins in Texas. Mariano keeps racking up the saves; up to 33 at this point, but that's all the happy news we're gonna get right now. The games are depressing to watch. Which starting pitcher outside of Kuroda do you feel confident with? 9-9 CC Sabathia, who gave up a 6-spot in the second? Andy Pettitte, who looks more ready for Boca Raton and Hawaiian shirts than Yankee Stadium and pinstripes? It's getting so bad that Phil Hughes looks GOOD! (Couldn't help myself.)

Here's another very, very strong reality. I've been a baseball fan for 15 years now. In that time, nor in the baseball history I've read/watched, etc., I have never seen a team actively and obviously go after one of their OWN players than what the Yankees are doing with A-Rod. Every time he announces he's healthy, Big Brother tells him to shut up. "Shut up Alex, you're not healthy and you know it." (Not an exact quote, but that's pretty much what they're saying.) The Yankees don't care if he spoke to the head of orthopedics at Hackensack Medical; the Yankees couldn't care less if he went to the Fountain of Youth! They probably go to St. Patrick's every night and keep praying that he's suspended for Biogenesis; that he goes the way of Ryan Braun, so they don't have to pay him. Guess what, WHO DID THIS? When Brian Cashman didn't want him back, the Yankees all overpowered him and signed another long, expensive contract. They could've been watching A-Rod's saga on TV while playing for another team right now. Now you're stuck with him, so if he's healthy, PLAY HIM! We have nothing to lose. When Mike Francesa on WFAN asked A-Rod if he trusts the Yankees, he hesitated and said he didn't want to get into it. That's all you need to know.

I'm still a fan 'till I die, but these suits are really turning me off from giving them my ticket money. If you want a better grasp on how I'm feeling; this clip from my favorite, Mike Francesa, sums it up perfectly. Then I found out what Michael Kay said on his radio program from this tweet. This is why a guy employed by a team (YES) cannot fairly host a show of his own. Are the Yankees actively telling him what not to say? Probably not. Is it probably better for business and his reputation that he take the Yankees side on this? Probably. Does it make for a good radio "rivalry"? YOU BETCHA! Although in terms of radio ratings, it's no rivalry.

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