Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Interview With 34th Round Draft Pick Hector Crespo

Hector Crespo was drafted in the 34th round of the 2013 MLB First Year Players draft and at the time of this writing has already made it to AAA Scranton Wilkes Barre with the RailRiders. Hector has thankfully found time to do this interview for us and we are excited to be bringing this to you. I hope that you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed interacting with Hector while doing it. Time to get down to business, enjoy!

The Greedy Pinstripes: Describe your draft experience for us? Stressful? Who did you speak with in the Yankees organization? etc

Hector Crespo: The draft experience was a bit stressful, but once I heard my name called it became one of the best days of my life. Adam Czajkowski was my scout.

TGP: In honor of Ian Clarkin we have to ask who your favorite team was growing up?

HC: I never really had a favorite team growing up, but I've always been a fan of the Yankee tradition. 

TGP:  Were you disappointed to go in the 34th round?

HC: I was at first disappointed falling to the 34th round, but soon I realized it was a blessing just to be drafted and especially by the Yankees

TGP: Did you play any other positions coming up? 

HC: I've played just about every position coming up except pitcher and catcher. I feel comfortable in just about every position on the field and I take pride in that. 

TGP: What has been your biggest inspiration in baseball??

HC: Definitely my father, he's pushed me to be the best baseball player I could be and I wouldn't be here today without him

TGP: What is your best asset you think you bring to the table?

HC: I feel the ability to play multiple positions is an asset I bring, as well as my speed and hitting ability 

TGP: What do you think you will specifically work on this year? 

HC: Getting a feel for professional baseball and the lifestyle. Other than that just having fun and playing the game the way I know how. 

TGP:  Do you consider yourself to be a stolen base threat?

HC: I do consider myself to be a stolen base threat and take pride in my base running ability and speed 

TGP: Where will you be starting your Yankees career? 

HC: I started in Staten Island, but I have been promoted to Triple A Scranton 

TGP: What position do you think you will play when you start down in the Yankees system?

HC: Any spot in the infield 3B, SS, 2B

TGP:  Do you think your size will impact you as an every day player?

HC: I feel like I can be an every day player regardless of my size. As long as I go out and compete and do my job, things will fall into place 

TGP: Do you have any regrets in your baseball life? 

HC: No regrets in my baseball life

TGP: What current major league player would you compare yourself and style of play to?

HC: Michael young because his ability to play multiple positions and be a consistent hitter. Love the way he plays the game 

TGP: Tell us about the "Hecky's Hit and Run" organization you founded in High School.

HC: Hecky's Hit and Run is an organization me and my mother put together to send new and used baseball equipment and send them to less fortunate Countries like Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. It's been a great success so far and the ability to give back and bring joy to kids is an amazing feeling. 

TGP: Most famous person in your cell phone?

HC: Not sure if he has the same number anymore but Manny Machado and I were good friends in high school from playing summer ball together

TGP: Any embarrassing songs in your iPod?

HC: Firework by Katy Perry

We want to once again take the time to thank Hector for making time in his busy schedule to do this for us because we appreciate it more than he knows. Follow Hector on twitter by following @HeckyCrespo and follow us on twitter by following @GreedyStripes. Good luck in everything that you do Hector both inside and outside of baseball because you are truly a good person and you deserve everything that this world has to offer and so much more. Go Yankees!

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  1. Hector was born with a baseball, bat and glove. He will go far, his enthusiasm and love of the game is unsurpassed. God bless!!


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