Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Starring In The Bronx Is Burning II

This whole season with the New York Yankees and Alex Rodriguez has seemed like something thought up from ESPN and the writers of The Bronx is Burning. We all know about the hip injury and subsequent surgery, we all know about the Biogenesis bombshell and the possible lifetime ban from baseball, and we all know that A Rod hurt his quad in the game before the last rehab assignment game he would be in before rejoining the Yankees and the media crap storm, or did he?

Alex Rodriguez was diagnosed with a grade 1 strain of his quadriceps muscle and was kept on the 60 day disabled list rather then being activated this Monday for the series with the Texas Rangers. Alex Rodriguez went to get a second opinion on his own, which is apparently a violation of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement but hell so is steroid use, from Dr. Michael Gross and he testifies that there is no quad injury. To clarify the player can get a second opinion if they so chose but they have to inform their team in writing and naturally Alex did not do that much like he did not just show up to minor league games when he pleased.

Naturally the doctor did not examine Alex himself nor did he give him an MRI all he did was look at the existing MRI that Alex provided. Gross also went on to admit that a slight grade 1 strain may not even be present in an MRI but still speculates that Alex could play tonight if he really wanted to. This is going to get rally ugly REALLY fast. Stay tuned.

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