Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Last Night's Win Will Be The Beginning Of A Comeback

Last night's win took and showed a lot of heart and I really think it may be the turning point in this season for us. With the Yankees inching closer to get healthy with possible returns of Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Jayson Nix, Curtis Granderson, and Francisco Cervelli in the next two to three weeks mixed in with a potential Alfonso Soriano trade and a Travis Hafner benching this team may finally get the offensive push it needs to make a run at the playoffs. Currently we are seven games back in the AL East but have plenty of head to head games left with the teams in front of us, the Tampa Bay Rays, the Baltimore Orioles, and the Boston Red Sox.

The Rays will be tough as always and the Orioles pitching looks like it is getting better with the additions of Scott Feldman and Wei Yin Chen off the DL but the Red Sox is the team I can see collapsing a little. The Red Sox bullpen is getting thinner and thinner by the day with injuries to the likes of Andrew Bailey, Scott Hanrahan, and Andrew Miller, and barring a trade may not have enough in the back end of that pen to last all season long. Not saying that the Red Sox would not make the playoffs but they may not have enough to hold on to the AL East lead. I said all that to say this, the comeback trail started last night and I am officially leading the bandwagon back to the good side. If you're not down to be on board then get out of the way but everybody just remember that you heard it here first. Now Go Yankees!!

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