Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Morales or Morneau: If both are available, who do you want?

I've been doing a lot of wedding planning lately and not enough Yankee planning. With rumors abounding around and the repors that the Yanks have inquired about Justin Morneau, I offer a comparison between him and the Mariners Kendrys Morales.

According to Baseball

Morales: Just turned 30 in June 
Morneau: Turned 32 in May

Both are in the final years of their deals. Morales was making $5.25 mil and Morneau making an average of a little over $14 mil.

BA this season:

Morales: .282
Morneau: .272

HR this season:
Morales: 15
Morneau: 7

RBI this season: 
Morales: 57
Morneau: 52

BB/K this season:
Morales: 28/69
Morneau: 28/64

WAR this season:
Morales: 2.1
Morneau: 0.9

Both can play first base and DH. Morales is a switch hitter which gives Girardi some lineup flexibility and Morneau would add to an already stacked left-handed batting lineup. 

Rumor has it that the Mariners do not plan on being sellers this year but have a first baseman in Justin Smoak and a DH in Ibanez. Should this really be a hard question if the Yankees are seriously considering adding a piece to the struggling lineup?

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