Thursday, July 4, 2013

Morning Bits

Good morning everyone!

The Yankees won their third straight game over the Twins last night by a score of 3-2.

The Yankee offense managed only four hits in the game but three of them came in the sixth inning.  Robinson Cano's two-run double tied the game and after Travis Hafner singled, Lyle Overbay hit a sacrifice fly that scored Cano to give the Yankees a 3-2 lead that would hold up.

C.C. Sabathia allowed seven hits and three walks but worked out of enough trouble to get the win while throwing 121 pitches in seven innings.

David Robertson and Mariano Rivera combined to pitch scoreless eighth and ninth innings to finish the game for the Yankees.

The Yankees and Twins will play the final game of this series this afternoon at 2:10 PM ET.  David Phelps(5-5, 4.95 ERA) will face Kyle Gibson(1-0, 3.00 ERA).  The game will be televised by YES.

Now on today's news links:

David Waldstein of the New York Times discusses C.C. Sabathia's 200th win not being a gem but still having some luster.

Roger Rubin of the New York Daily News says Alex Rodriguez is trying to share some major league wisdom with the youngsters in Charleston during his rehab stint there.

Christian Red and Michael O'Keefe of the New York Daily News continue the coverage of the Biogenesis saga and write that a former employee of Biogenesis tried to sell Alex Rodriguez documents that he stole from the company for one million dollars.

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  1. Hey Matt...I know you're busy so just popped on here to wish you and Fish a Happy 4th of July. When you have time send me an email.

  2. Happy 4th to you too. What would you do if you were Cashman at the trade Sell? And who are your targets?

  3. Fish...if I were in charge the first thing I do is talk to Jim Hendry about becoming team president and interim GM. I would then relieve both Cashman and Girardi. I would bring in Don Wakamatsu as interim manager.

    Next I would look for a linchpin trade to get the ball running. I thought that could be trading Kuroda back to the Dodgers but that doesn't look good now that they acquired Nolasco. So I'm now thinking that trading Gardner makes sense...I think the Reds would love to have and need a player like him not only for this year but next as well. I would be looking to get Tony Cingrani back plus maybe a Zach Vincej or another youngster. This trade then allows me to trade Boone Logan as Cingrani can pitch out of the pen to start. Logan should fetch me a nice young prospect or two. Next I would look to move David Robertson...I wonder if the Tigers would give up a Nick Castellanos but only if my scouts think he can play an MLB average at third. I think Robertson can fetch a pretty nice player or two.

    I would definitely move Joba to a team that needs a bullpen piece an who might want him as a starter next year...Joba is going to get his chance to start again and a smart team should want him now.
    Shawn Kelley would also go up for trade but I would need a good return to trade him.

    I would also inquire about Ethier's availability with the Dodgers and would take on a good portion of his contract to limit the return...I think he might flourish in NY like Loney is with the Rays.

    So Fish I would trade Gardner and the 4 relievers. After seeing what Nolasco brought back I doubt the Yankees could get anything for Hughes.

    I don't think the pen would miss them...I like Clairborne as a future closer down the road but believe he could be a solid 8th inning guy right now. Betances is pitching great out of the pen in AAA so bring him up. Cingrani would be my lefty. Warren could either keep his long man role or move to more of a middle inning guy.

    So the Yankees could have a staff of starters CC, Kuroda, Hughes, Nova, Pettitte and Phelps...very likely one of these will be on the DL at some point. Pineda with be building arm strength in AAA.

    The pen would be Mo, Clairborne, Betances, Cingrani, Bliech, with Huff and Warren as the longer men.
    Maybe they could get Turley, Monty and others some action as well.

    In CF to relpace Gardner I would move Ichiro there as his bat would play better...he still plays a quality outfield defensively. I would bring Adonis Garcia up to platoon with him. If I could get Ethier he could platoon with Wells and Zoilo at the corners. Not a great outfield but good enough and inexpensive next year with only only Ethier and Ichiro costing anything
    I wouldn't trade Adams as he might be needed to play second if Cano walks. Who knows what Jeter an Arod will do if they return. Watching Jeter run yesterday it looked like he's wearing cement shoes. I can't seem him playing decent defensively at all going forward so just a DH against lefty's.

    Here you go Fish a few thoughts....doing something like this would bring in more talent and limit young talent leaving. This team needs to transition away from the past to a new future.

  4. Good thoughts Dan. I'd be ok with trading Gardner as long as they get an elite MLB-ready player back. Cingrani fits that bill as a front-end starter. Ideally, I'd like to get a position player back since offense is getting harder to find.

    I'd also be ok with moving bullpen arms as long as there is a legit return because the Yanks have always been good at finding/developing relievers.

    Will be interesting to see how ownership reacts this offseason with attendance and on-field talent lagging. Do they stick to the 189 budget? Do they do a partial re-build? Or do they throw money at the problem like they did after 2008.....only problem is there aren't talented FAs like CC, Tex and AJ to purchase.

  5. Fish the problem that the Yankees have is there just isn't enough young position players to trade for in the game at this time. Out of the top twenty outfielders who might be available? NONE...No infielders either unless you want to do what your BP wants and that is trade Cano to the Rangers for Profar but I doubt the Rangers would do it.

    The Yankees best hope imo is the move Gardner an I would target Cingrani. Then trade the pen. Relievers seem to be the best commodity to try and poach away some young talent and like you say they are pretty good at pen building. Even if you have to buy them the cost is cheap compared to the budget. So with CC, Cingrani, Nova, Pineda, Phelps that Yankees would have a decent reasonable priced rotation with a ton of young talent coming.

    Many of the teams in contention and the Yankees are not one of them need relievers. This is where you can get a few young players. Could Robertson get you a young player for 3b? What would Joba, Kelley and Logan bring back? This is the only way to try an acquire talent as the the position players on the 25 roster have ZERO trade value except for Cano and Gardner. It's a shame Mustelier got hurt and really sad the Yankees didn't bid on Aoki who was cheap and Urrutia who it tearing up the minors for the O's for under a million. What about Chen again who was cheap. This regime has failed.

    The Yankees could sign a few free agents...BP likes McCann and Ellsbury an I still like Cory Hart if his injury meds check out. There will always be some platoon bats available...if the Yankees can just add a little offense they can compete next year with or without Cano but it will need to be led by a young staff.

    The biggest problem facing the Yankees is management...the incompetence knows no bounds...they are bad to the core. Adams starts to finally walk an after Girardi making him the third baseman for the foreseeable future he's out for Cruz who sucks. It took Pedroia 150 PA before he hit but the Yankees in a down year couldn't do that for Adams?

    I want a young GM from either the A's, Rangers or Cardinals. Cashman and his outdated baseball philosophy needs to go.

    There is very little to like about this team...sadly

  6. Gardner and Robertson are 2 of the team's best players and 2 of my favorites. I doubt they'll be moved but if management truly wants to re-load the team quickly, they are 2 of the team's best trading chips that could bring more valuable positions in return. They are still affordable and productive but they will be Free Agents after next season so won't fetch as much in trade next season heading into FA. It is better to trade player a year too early than too late. Just like the Yanks waited on Hughes and Joba and they are both now virtually worthless in a trade.

    But I doubt ownership will have replace Cash and Cash won't deal them so we are just talking hypotheticals. But the organization will have to make some bold moves to get back on top. Of the 5 teams in the AL East, they have by far the worst everyday lineup and are only remaining competitive because of their pitching which is led by 2 guys who will be gone next yr - Mariano and likely Kuroda.

    Years of bad decisions by management, fear to go with young players and a ridiculous obsession with veteran players has brought them to where they are now. Their payroll is higher than ever yet they get tight-fisted with the wrong players. They wanted Nate Schierholtz this yr but lost him to the Cubs for $2.75M? If he was the #1 choice in RF, offer the guy more money. They refuse to risk money on International Free Agents yet give $12M to injury prone Youkilis. They refuse to sign a major-lg Catcher like Martin or Pyrzynski yet took on $14M of Vernon Wells' contract.

  7. Have you come up with any good young players on the farm this year!

  8. Hey Fish hows it going?
    Your right on the money bottom line is the yanks cant match talent with anyone in their division, now or in the forseeabe future.

  9. Ken my old friend how are you?Seems to me the Yanks farm is not producing position players that can be elite players the talent just isnt there!
    They do seem to have some intresting arms here and close to coming.
    Maybe a bottom 3 rd finish will give them a top talent pick in next years draft.
    The likes of Culver and Bichette as our top picks is not gonna get it done.

  10. Dan the Man or I like Rooster, are u back? thats some intresting stuff it will take me some time to digest it all .Cash has to go!!!!!!!!

  11. Hey Ballpark. We've all missed you. Yanks have gotten to this point with years of mis-management and there are no quick fixes to undo the failure to bring in young or prime-aged talent for the last decade. They were able to overcome this for years by throwing money at quick fixes and the incredible performance of the core 4. But now, many other teams have money to spend so there is no one to buy and the Core is out of miracles.

    However, I do think signing McCann and Ellsbury would be good moves. Both are still in their prime and play premium positions. Beltran was the answer 2 yrs ago and still has some juice in his bat and could stay healthy with a lot of DH time. I think Zoilo, Adams and Murphy could develop into players if they stick with them. But to give opportunities to young players, you have to be strong in other areas. That is how you compete AND build at the same time.

  12. Hey Fish ,how was the shore?
    BP observations;
    1-189 is a joke Hal wants to save 20 mil to loose 200 mil aint gonna happen ! yanks are desperate for position players for next year and will have to spend to stay competitive.

    2-Cashman should pull the plug on this trainwreck of a team .they cant HIT!!!!!sell of pieces that dont figure into next years team.
    3-Lock up Cano, he is the only star left .
    4-Get Kuroda back for 1 more year.CC,KURODA,NOVA,PHELPS,WARREN,PIENDA,RAMIREZ,TURLEY,Banuelos, Yanks are well stocked with ARMS.
    5-Trade Gardner ,hughes,logan,robertson,Cingrani from the Reds and a young 3b man would be my targets.
    6-Ellsbury would be my top priority to play Cf,if nothing else drive the price up on the Sox.
    7- McCann is 2nd he would be my starting catcher and dh,Cervelli and Murphy compete fro 2nd catcher.
    8-Rodney takes over as closer.
    9-Fish u know I have always wanted Beltran and he would finish off my lineup.

  13. Ballpark...
    Any thoughts on this years group of draft picks.
    Haven't gotten out at all this year, those days are over with!

  14. Hey was bad this week but a bad week at the shore beats a good week at work any time!
    To comment on your pbservations:

    1- I've always thought the $189 goal was ridiculous and poorly timed. To go for a massive payroll cut the Yanks MUST have plenty of young, inexpensive talent to plug in. They simply do not have the talent to do it in 2014 unless they are prepared to be a last place team. I've said from the start that if they insist on getting under $189, they have to go for it in 2016 or or later. Hopefully they realize next yr isn't the right time.

    2- I'd like to see them add some pieces for next yr and definitely don't give up future assets but with the 3 Wild Cards they are right in the playoff hunt so they won't be sellers.

    3 - Cano MUST be brought back. Once again they cost themselves millions by not locking him up earlier like I advocated 2 years ago. He could ask for anything now and the Yanks would have to give it to him.

    4- Yes....Kuroda is great and would be tough to replace. Nova may have found himself with some time out of the rotation like he did a couple of yrs ago.....that would be huge.

    5- Cingrani is a good target tho doubt Cincy would deal an arm like that. I'm open to trading anyone, especially relievers as it's the one area the yanks are great at finding arms. RPs are always over-valued at the trade deadline and the Yanks need to get in on this market inefficiency and take advantage of their strength.

    6- Ellsbury is a good target....still young, career .300 hitter and top base stealer in AL. I like Shin-Soo Choo also. Very good all-around player.

    7- McCann would be a great fit for the team. If they can't get him I think Saltalamachia or Pierzynski would be options.

    8 - Rodney or Grant Balfour to close

    9 - Beltran is an awesome hitter and a valuable switch-hitter. If you can't get him, I like switch-hitter Kendry Morales to DH and insurance for Teixeira's wrist injury.


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