Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Great Debate: Will the cavalry fix the Yankees offense?

First, just wanted to say that I am excited to be writing for the site and hope you enjoy my passionate, sometimes opinionated writing.

With the trade deadline looming and the team sitting 6 games back from the Red Sox for 1st place and 2.5 games back from the last wild card spot, I examine the debate about the Yankees offense this season. Will the return of the cavalry (Arod, Jeter, Granderson, and previously Teixeira) prove to be enough to help the Yankees overcome their offensive struggles?

One schools of thought:

- The Yankees will compete if they can just hold on until the big bats come back. Arod will be a major boost over the combo of David Adams/ Jason Nix and will be a middle of the order presence. Jeter will be a better than the rotating carousel that has monitored shortstop this year. Both will give the team the right-handed bats they need. Granderson will give some much needed pop to the corner outfield position and will be able to spell Gardner in center. Overall, once the team returns from injuries they will be just fine.

The other:

- The offense is in serious need of help, but there is no guarantee that Arod and Jeter will return soon and if they do will be a former shell of themselves. The Captain is 39 years old (which makes me feel really old) and has not played a regular season game this year since his ankle surgery. Arod is 37 and hasn't hit more than 20 HRs or  had 100 RBI since 2010. Tex is already out for the season and even when he was playing .151 and struck out 19 times in 53 ABs. Curtis Granderson struck out 195 times last year and looked bad against lefties. He also has come back from 2 injuries this year. Overall, the team needs to make some moves and try to get younger.

So which side are you on? Does the team need to try to acquire some young talent or simply wait for players to return from injuries?

If only the Yanks could play the Twins everyday. Happy Birthday, Big Stein and Happy 4th of July!

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