Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rangers Release Manny Ramirez, Time To Get Greedy

As many of you probably do not know Manny Ramirez was the reason we started the "Get Greedy" campaign which eventually turned into The Greedy Pinstripes. It was the off season before the 2009 season and the Yankees had already signed Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, and traded for Nick Swisher and were looking to reload. Enter Manny Ramirez who would have gave us a right handed power bat that we lacked other than Alex Rodriguez, who would have single handedly fixed our hitting with runners in scoring position and in clutch situations problem, and could have been hidden in left field in Yankees Stadium. I went hard after Manny Ramirez and spread my "Get Greedy, Get Manny" campaign all over the internet before he eventually decided to sign elsewhere but the Yankees may have a second chance now that he was released by the Texas Rangers yesterday.

The Yankees are probably too far out of the playoff race now with somewhere around a 2% chance of making the post season in 2013 for it to matter by why the hell not make the move at this point? We could easily sign Manny to a minor league deal and he is a Corban Joseph 60 day DL transfer away from being a September call up. Manny is in his age 41 season and has been hitting .259/.328/.370 with three home runs in the minors for the Rangers before his release. He drew some questions about his bat speed playing with Texas but absolutely annihilated Taiwanese pitching to the tune of .352 with eight home runs before coming back to the states so the bat is still there, in some capacity anyway, I would think.

Make a long time Yankees fan happy by finally completing the "Get Greedy, Get Manny" campaign by making this sign Brian Cashman and you may get some of the faith back that I used to have in you.

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