Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Brian Kenny Thinks He Can Fix The Yankees

So we have Brett Gardner, Shin Soo Choo, Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran, Alfonso Soriano, Vernon Wells, & Ichiro Suzuki? Holy hell what a logjam.

Agreed. Reminds me of Billy Martin and Billy Ball. Well I was born in 1985 so what I have seen on tape and heard anyway, it doesn't actually remind me of anything. Speed does kill and I love having that option in the lineup and in the outfield.

In my series of posts I described in September imagining if Robinson Cano left for greener pastures I said to let Kelly Johnson have the second base job. He can give you 20 home runs, 80 RBI's, hit around .270, and is the closest we have or will get to "replacing" Cano. Long story short, agreed.
Figured Kenny would be more willing to give the young guys a shot but then I forgot he was strictly a numbers guy. One or two I wouldn't be upset with but signing three guys seems like an awful lot for us and takes away innings from guys like Cesar Cabral, Dellin Betances, Preston Claiborne, etc. Girardi has made a living off of revamping our bullpen on a year to year basis with our farm system. If it's not broke...

Yeah I got nothing...

Reds already said they are not interested in Gardner and he is about the only trade chip we have that they want to win now. It would be nice but right now it does not seem realistic.

Finally someone else who doesn't want the Yankees to trade for Brandon Phillips. Thank you!
Surprisingly I think 90% of us are all in unison about this. No more 10 year deals to guys in their 30's, bottom line.

What does it matter if it is front loaded or back loaded? Using AAV it doesn't matter and all we care about is the luxury tax.

Isn't there some kind of sabermetric stat that could you tell you how much effectiveness he would lose if he were to come back to the AL East and Yankee Stadium? I have his BIP locations ready if you would like to discuss it Mr. Kenny.

You skipped Rule 10. Is this one of those things where you buy four pigs and paint them each with a number "1", "2", "3", and "5" and laugh while everyone searches for #4? Did I mention his BIP locations from Great American Ballpark to Yankee Stadium?

Votto is not going anywhere and Bailey is not realistic. Bronson's BIP's... I still have them when you are ready Mr. Kenny.

Volunteering to be a human binder?

For a guy who crunches numbers a lot you sure are skipping a lot of numbers here. Plus Coupon Clipping Hal has priced the Yankees fans out of the new stadium.


  1. WHO IS BRIAN KENNY ? ...and that is what is considered informative ? Jesus !

    16 rules of blather.Very juvenile, and I would expect better, from most any grade school writer.
    Rule were lucky to get on the big stage.It's time for you to go.

    1. He is the host of Clubhouse Confidential on MLB Network but he is everywhere. Does a lot of boxing broadcasts. He is generally considered to be a pretty dam smart guy, I am on that bandwagon.

  2. Brian Kenny...
    Please change your last name, have you no shame? disgracing a fine name like Kenny! LOL!
    The same Brian from ESPN and MLB? You have a way of spending other teams money for things we already have!
    Thanks, but no thanks, for most of your input. we'll be fine with some of the moves already made and one or so more.

    1. Actually Choo makes a ton of sense for us the more I thought about it. I have a post scheduled for this afternoon.

    2. Daniel...
      I forget which it is but, he can't hit RH pitchers or is it Left handed pitchers? What good is that? If we have to get another OF, find someone who can hit both...or close to it!
      So, Our Leader, I must disagree with you!

    3. He can't hit left handed pitching. If we just had three outfielders and a full time DH I would not want a very expensive platoon player but the fact that the Yankees are going to be giving all their outfielders days and half days off at DH it makes sense.

      Choo gets on base, Choo steals bases, etc. Choo has power and Choo's splits can be fixed or maintained. Gardner does hit both sides but Gardner could also get us a Cliff Lee... No one else on the roster probably can.

      I have said all along I don't want to trade Brett Gardner but if it makes sense, it makes sense.

  3. Old Ranger....I think Brian Kenny, may be Twasp. The writing is similar, but Brian is funnier.
    Did someone unlock the broom closet ?


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