Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yankees Contact Kevin Youkilis About Returning

The New York Yankees desperate search for a guy that can play first base and third base and supply some right handed power briefly extended to Kevin Youkilis. The Yankees reached out to Youkilis' agent to gauge his interest in a return and his agent replied that Youk would like to play closer to his home in California. If you didn't believe in a God before maybe you should at least reconsider.


  1. Kevin Youkilis, third baseman..............nice fit for about 16-17 games.

  2. Back Street Boy...that's what Youkilis looks like in that photo.
    A Back Street Boy, on his way to the chiropractor....again.

    Ellijay....where was that candle made, that you lit ?...New Jersey ?
    Corey Hart, and his 30 HR, are now the property of Seattle. No big deal, we still have Vernon Wells.


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