Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Omar Infante Wants A Four Year Deal, Yankees Don't

Omar Infante and his agent are very aware that he is the best available second basemen after Robinson Cano left for Seattle and he wants to be paid like it. Yesterday we learned that Infante wanted $8 million or more per season and today we learned that Omar wants a four year deal. The Yankees are obviously not crazy about going four years on a 31 year old, soon to be 32 year old, but how can they say no? They gave Carlos Beltran a three year deal at 37 years old and we had other outfield options, the Yankees don't necessarily have that luxury at second base this season. The Kansas City Royals may be willing to go to four years and are now considered to be the favorites after this news broke. Hopefully the Yankees don't get burned again because Howie Kendrick is said to no longer be available from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim so the second base market is drying up quickly.

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