Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yankees Targeting Indians Justin Masterson

The Cleveland Indians have made Justin Masterson available, well they are listening to offers anyway, and the Yankees have popped up as a possible suitor. Bob Nightengale of the USA Today publication states that the deal could possibly include Yankees center fielder Brett Gardner as a starting point. Hard to believe that makes any sense with the Indians already having Michael Bourn, David Murphy, and Michael Brantley in the outfield with Nick Swisher as a fourth option so a three team deal is probably in the works.

Indians General Manager Chris Antonetti stated that he would like to sign Masterson long term to keep him in Cleveland but is willing to listen on any of his players, the whole due diligence thing. The Diamondbacks are also in on Masterson and I am sure a ton of others team will be as well if talks really turn into something. I don't expect us to land Masterson but if we did that would really shape the way things are in the AL East in our favor just a  little bit.

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