Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How Many More Elite Seasons Does Derek Jeter Have?



  1. The sad thing is, he could have gone out on top along with his two buddies.
    I understand the ego thing has kicked in...not wanting to leave after an injury. But, trying to go after the record he said he wanted...4257 out of reach. He would need well over 600 hits this year to even make it to the 4,000 hit club.
    Don't drag this thing out and have younger fans remember him as he has been the last few years. Let them remember Jeter as he has always tried to be, one of the best SS the Yankees have ever had.
    The list of Yankee players that have hung on after their good productive years passed is a very long one, do we want to add Jeter to that list? I don't, I have seen too damn many of those self-same Yankees over the years.
    Hopefully, he will have a good year in 2014, his last!

    1. We just need to bring Mo and Andy back for one more season.. then they can go out the right way, together

    2. It would have been nice to have the three of them going out as a group but, I can understand Jeter not wanting to go out because of an injury.
      Can you hear him telling his kids, it's only a cut finger...when he up and quit, after a little fracture to his ankle? lol


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