Friday, March 21, 2014

Quick Hit: Yankees Win Total In 2014

What will over $500 million in one offseason get the Yankees in the win total? Well according to NoMass it is only 86 victories, which I find to be very low. I get all the questions surrounding the team, especially in the infield and the bullpen, but one thing the Yankees have seen this year in depth. Depth that could fill in for injured or struggling players but could also acquire the piece they need to put the team over the top. If the Yankees don't win 90 games I am calling this season a bust, bottom line.

How many wins do the Yankees get? Drop us a line in the comment section.


  1. Daniel...
    90 wins is great but, anything less than a WS win is a Bust.
    This is the Swan Song for Jeter and Kuroda. It would be great to end ones career with a WS ring, wouldn't it.
    Also, the ring would be a good start for "Tank" and the legacy he would like to start.
    It looks like we are going to have a few younger players this year, what a great way to start off their major league careers...the way is open, the word is WIN!


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