Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Brewers Have Scout Following The Yankees

According to George A. King III the Milwaukee Brewers have special assignment scout Dick Groch basically following around the New York Yankees. Who could the Brewers be scouting you ask? The details are obviously not set in stone but Milwaukee was said to be interested in some of the Yankees catching depth back in Spring Training and the Yankees were said to have varying amounts of interest in Rickie Weeks. Or Groch could just be watching the Derek Jeter farewell tour, he was the scout that originally signed Jeter out of the 1992 MLB First Year Player's Draft.

Aramis Ramirez could make sense for the Yankees at third base or Weeks could as a shortstop but a trade seems unlikely at this point. This doesn't upset me too much with the emergence of Yangervis Solarte and a roster crunch on the 40 man roster.


  1. ALRIGHT, I'LL GO FIRST.....where is everyone ?
    Nova,,,,to be kind, I think he may be a warm weather pitcher. Was it that cold today ?
    Who knows what the deal is, he will get it back on track.
    All last year...JOBA, JOBA, so what's new with Mr. Chamberlain ?

    1. I've been sick, no clue where everyone else is.

  2. SOLARTE...Nunez, can only dream.
    More production from Solarte in seven days, than Nunez in a month. If he's lucky !

  3. The Brewers following the Yankees ?...maybe they want the post game buffet table ?
    Rickie Weeks, only his mother wants him. What we have is better.
    The Yanks need a LH masher. A Jack Clark type of monster. That may complete the puzzle.

    1. Agreed on what the Brewers have to offer. Before the emergence of Solarte, I could see going after Ramirez. We can put that to bed though.

  4. MY SNIPERS...from Yankee Fans Unite. This is the time to step up.
    The stage is bare, the talent has stepped aside. Seize the moment.
    Wasting my breath with Cow Girls.

  5. ROCKET REED..the number seven..enigma.
    Are you on bread & water, or are you prepared to stand on your own two feet ?
    My guess...pull the sheets over your head.

  6. VIDAL NUNO..my read, from the past two years...not, Girardi's type of pitcher.
    Do not know why, but I think his time here is on a short leash. Very short .We'll see.

    *** To conclude tonight::
    With all the effort, that Daniel puts into this site...You 'regulars', are folding like cheap cameras.
    Take a moment to tow the line, and contribute.

    1. I am going to be making some changes in the regulars department very very soon... already in the works.

  7. CHANGES ?...to the regulars department ?
    Why not put out a chinese 'all you can eat ' buffet, at 5PM. That might encourage some
    to start commenting on a regular basis.

  8. Dead Site, or Grave Site ?..........sorry, I can not help myself.
    "Oh no! This domain yankeesfansunite.com expired 19 days ago!

    Please contact the owner of this website and ask them to renew the domain. Don't worry, you'll still be able to view the site at this web address: yankeesfansunite.wordpress.com. "
    Allow me to throw the first shovel, full of dirt, down into the grave.

  9. Mr. Reed

    This will be the last time I address you. Is it a coincidence that the bee has not been back since he forced you away? Doubtful. Gonna let him win over a 3rd grade squabble?

    I guess I just follow the 'group think."

  10. A POEM :...entitled...' Cow Girls with cramps '
    Rocket, and the Bug, went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.
    The Bug says to the Rocket..." you wear a toupee, and you said Derek Jeter will hit .260."
    The Rocket says to the bug..." you are a fat ass, you cause all the worlds troubles."
    The Rocket, an adult, grabs his marbles, and runs away..." good bye, I'm out of here."
    The Bug, an adult, comes down the hill with the pail of water. Smiling all the way.
    The Bug disappears.
    The end.
    By patrick....also, an adult.


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