Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Quick Hit: Vidal Nuno Is Your Ivan Nova Replacement

Vidal Nuno has been named the replacement in the starting rotation for the New York Yankees, at least for now. Nuno is expected to make the start this Saturday against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim taking over for the injured Ivan Nova. I have to say I am a tad disappointed, not because Nuno is not deserving because lord knows he is, but because I think a David Phelps or Alfredo Aceves makes more sense for this team right now.

The Yankees are with only one left handed pitcher in their bullpen in a Boston Red Sox series that usually tends to be very situational where every pitch and at bat seems to matter. With Matt Thornton the only lefty you can only pitch to David Ortiz with a same side pitcher once a game instead of twice, something that is probably more important than we think. 

Maybe I have just grown spoiled over the years, except for last year obviously, with having two or more left handed relief pitchers in the bullpen. It would have been nice to see an old face in Aceves in the fifth spot and Nuno back in the pen in a bigger role but I admit this is what's probably best for the tea, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. 


  1. Anyone, as I have been out of touch, and still am.
    What is it with Brett? Is he hurt? Slump? Or just day off?

  2. START cart / conveyor belt. First ride of the day, Vidal Nuno.
    If he falls off the cart, insert David Phelps in the seat........etc.
    We all know the drill.
    Time, will produce the 5th starter.

  3. For right now, I like Nuno in the rotation. His numbers as a starter are great, especially for a 5th starter. His numbers out of the pen are horrible. Really horrible. Phelps and Warren can start or relieve. If Nuno struggles, they're better off sending him to aaa and keeping him stretched out.

  4. Brett is not hurt. Ichiro hits about .200 better than Gardner against Lester, that's why he played and Gardner sat last night

    1. Thank you, I knew I could count on you!
      Itchy hits better than Brett against most left handers anyhow, but 200 points weeeeee!

    2. yes Ichiro, I dont remember the exact numbers, is like a .350 hitter against Lester where Gardner is in the high .100's


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