Monday, June 30, 2014

Can David Price Be The Yankees New Ichiro?

Anyone else constantly refreshing MLB Trade Rumors hoping that David Price gets traded before tomorrow night so the Yankees don't have to face him AND Chris Archer in the same series? Maybe it's just me. That line of thinking got me wondering, what if the Yankees pulled a 2012 when they traded for Ichiro Suzuki while in Seattle to play the Mariners?The cost would be substantial but the immediate impact and upgrade over Vidal Nuno would be even more substantial.

This is a pipe dream but wouldn't it be nice?


  1. At this point, I see Whitley as the guy who goes down first. There's no way Nuno deserves it after what he did Friday.

  2. Whitley has had 7 good/great starts and two or three bad starts

    Nuno is about the opposite.

    If Whitley goes down first then everything is confirmed, Cashman is an idiot.

    1. Not really. Nuno's a guy who made the team out of spring training. The Yankees clearly want him, and usually wanting translates to keeping

  3. Whitley has been a much more consistent pitcher for us than has Nuno! Why would we hurt our chances because of one game?

  4. Nuno made the team out of spring training as a relief pitcher. Whitley was being converted into a starter from a relief pitcher and was in Triple-A being stretched out. The Yankees didn't clearly want Nuno over Whitley anymore than they clearly want him now. Whitley has kept us in games and at times been our third best starter. Nuno hasn't.

  5. Exactly, Ken. Nuno had one good start and Whitley has had seven. Whitley's stuff translates better as well, Nuno doesn't have the control to be a long term soft tossing pitcher.


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