Monday, June 30, 2014

Cashman Wants Pitching, We Need Hitting

On more than one occasion we here at the blog were called "silly" and "out of touch" when we mentioned making a trade for a bat, namely Martin Prado. "The Yankees need pitching" they would say and the offense will be fine eventually, well it's basically July and eventually is going to be too late before we know it.

The Yankees have a substantial negative run differential and have been blown out more times than I would like to remember and count. The pitching staff is still second in the American League with a 10.5 WAR according to Fangraphs, although Baseball Reference has the Yankees listed at an 8.8 WAR for fifth best in the AL. I said all that to say this, even if we're fifth best in the league without CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda, Shawn Kelley for spurts, and a revolving door in the bullpen I don't think the pitching is the ultimate problem.

The bats are cold and it seems like every one of our big named acquisitions not named Jacoby Ellsbury are flirting with the Mendoza Line. The Yankees offense is 11th in the AL in WAR. We need pitching but we need multiple additions at the bat. Cashman, Yankees family, pay attention. The bats are in trouble.


  1. Which is greater Cashman; our NEED for better bats or, our Wish for more pitching?
    As put forward by Daniel, pitching is a problem but, with somebody helping with the run production we would be in first the East right now!
    For every blow out we have lost there are more games lost because of timely hitting and a power bat sometimes. Guys like Ellsbury and Brett are seeing the best pitches a pitcher has to give...keep them off the bases, is the name of the game. Tex is trying and doing what he problem with him. But, three guys can't carry a team!
    Where are we going to get runs? Our pitchers are going to get blown out a time or two...we know that, but they can't give up more than two runs and and win? That is not the pitching problem, it is a defensive and hitting problem. But, what can we do?
    Well, why not get rid of some of the dead wood and try someone that is hungry, or get one good power/avg. hitter.
    We could dump, Johnson, Soriano, Roberts, put Beltran on the 15 day and let him work his way back up (I think he needs the time). Give Solarte a chance at 2nd base (if it works ok, if not, farm). Move Jeter in the order and have him play 3 of 5 games only...he is hurting the team on both sides of the ball. OK, he has had a few hits, but not when we needed them...most of the time! Other than 2009, he has had one good year, and even that year he had many hits, but not in the clutch. He is no longer the Jeter of old, he is coming off a bad ankle injury and is 40 years old. Great as he has been, the team is much more than one player and always has been.
    They and he, want to go out as champs, make the moves!
    I know, another Jeter hater comment..."truth is hard and so is life"!

  2. We can have the best pitching staff in the world and we're still going to lose way too many 1-0 games.


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