Monday, June 30, 2014

Five Realistic Yankees Trade Targets

The New York Yankees likely don't have the resources to acquire a David Price or Jeff Samardzija unfortunately but there are five starting pitchers I find to be realistic for the Yankees to be looking at. Obviously these guys will not knock Masahiro Tanaka off his ace pedestal but any of these five guys could really help the Yankees rotation right now.

Ian Kennedy, we all remember the name. Once a highly touted Yankee prospect and the last to make the majors in the same season he was drafted. Kennedy has a 9.7 K/9 which could help him switch from a pitcher friendly park in Petco back to Yankee Stadium.

The Rockies Jorge De La Rosa has struggled this season but it somehow may be easier for him to pitch in Yankee Stadium than it was in Coors Field. De La Rosa has a 4.78 ERA so he may not be the biggest Yankee upgrade but he would easily be the cheapest, plus he's left handed.

Brandon McCarthy gives up too many home runs for Yankee Stadium but sports a 9.67 K/9 to make up for it a bit. The Diamondbacks want to dump his $9 million in salary so he could also come cheap.

Jason Hammel is no Jeff Samardzija but he is solid and a free agent at the end of the season. Hammel has AL East experience and could fit into the Yankees price range prospects wise.

Cliff Lee is hurt and might not have much time to prove he is healthy before the trading deadline. He is high priced and an aging veteran, the Yankees forte. Plus we have a history of stealing salary dumps for nothing from the Philadelphia Phillies, see Bobby Abreu.

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