Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Game Thread: Yankees vs. Athletics 6/4

The New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics will play the middle game of a three game set tonight at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees will send Vidal Nuno to the mound to face off with Jesse Chavez for the A's. The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET and can be seen on the YES Network, ESPN2, MLB TV, and can be heard on the radio with WFAN.

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Enjoy the game Yankees family and enjoy the rest of your evening.


  1. Another inherited runner scores for Thornton. Does that make him somewhere around 50% for the season? Not to mention his own runs he gave up. Hard to keep watching him fail over and over. I don't care what they're paying him. He's a waste of a roster spot.

  2. GUYS.....I can not pile on tonight. Another one, down the tubes.
    Flat, lackluster, inept....etc. CORRECTIONS NEED TO BE ADDRESSED.
    A shake-up, imaginative player move, in order. And, not at the trading deadline.
    You wait until then, it's over.

  3. Thornton sucks, the end. I have hated the signing when it happened and I have been proven right ever since.

  4. JUST A THOUGHT.....or two.
    Scott Sizemore released today, to make room for Beltran.
    Is Soriano next ? If not, then he is on the short list.
    What does need to be put under a pitching. It s starting to smell.

    1. I doubt he is but he should be. You know better than to think the Yankees will rid themselves of someone who will surely come back on Old Timer's Day before the end of the season. They never do.

      Starters have been fantastic this week outside of David Phelps laying an egg, the bullpen has been erratic though.

  5. HOLD ONTO THE BAR, BEFORE YOU HAVE ANOTHER.....this one may cause issues.
    Today the Yankees are 30-29....good enough for third place.
    Without Tanaka, they would be tied for last, or last.
    I'll say last. As in last year....85-77

    Tanaka was a money signing, I could do that, if given the funds.
    Take away a money signing, and someone must be held accountable. I'm waiting.

    This is a last place team, waiting to happen.
    They used to use greenies in the club house, for this group, Cialis is the medicine.

    1. Patrick...
      I don't think so, unless your team was the Yankees. What is the most storied team in baseball? If you wanted to prove to everyone, "I am the greatest", where would you want to pitch? If you wanted to get into the HoF, where would you want to pitch? Ergo...New York, Yankees!
      You wish to hold someone accountable fine! Let's start at the top!
      1) You have a horse farmer, and bookkeeper as co-owners.
      2) You have two bookkeepers (Hal and Randy) trying to be something they are experts.
      They over ride everyone along with Randy
      3) They have a GM to run the baseball team and everything therein.
      Ist rule of good management, delegate, delegate, delegate and free yourself up for important things!

  6. This team is behind the pace set for last year's team. The difference is this team has the talent to snap out of it, does not have the financial restrictions of the Hal Cap limiting it, and has a re-emergence of the farm system to either plug holes or make a trade.

    All that may be for naught, but this team has the potential to be better, a lot better. Last years team just sucked, no other way to put it.


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