Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fire Brian Cashman, Now!

It's okay Steinbrenner family, we've seen enough. It's time for a new face and a fresh outlook on this team and it's time to fire Brian Cashman, now. No need to wait until the end of the season where we can do it respectfully, get rid of him now. I have been more or less a Cashman apologists for way too many years now but yesterday was the final straw to me. Our very own Jack Niemuth reported that Cashman had no plans to call of prospects Robert Refsnyder this season and that is when I decided that I have seen enough.

The biggest difference between teams like the St. Louis Cardinals, the Oakland Athletics, and the Boston Red Sox to name a few are their willingness to develop and use their farm system. Win, lose, or draw mind you these teams consistently develop talent out of their farm systems and use them in the major leagues. When you have a team struggling offensively at two positions, right field and second base, and you have a prospect absolutely destroying Triple-A and Double-A pitching that can play both positions you call him up. Bottom line.

I'm done, I'm tired of it, and I may sound like the immortal Michael Pawluk but it's time for that shakeup we have been calling for all season long. Fire Brian Cashman and bring in someone who knows what they are doing in the prospects field. Cashman has survived throwing money around and trading prospects for veteran pieces and baseball has caught on and passed the Yankees in that aspect. Great young controllable talent doesn't hit the free agent market or the trade wire very often anymore and it's time for a change. Why not start with the man in charge of player personnel changes?

I am usually the one asking Cashman to "Get Greedy" but today I plead with Hal Steinbrenner to get smart and fire Brian Cashman.

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