Saturday, July 19, 2014

Yankees Won't Pursue Recently-Released Brave Dan Uggla

Since their current second basemen Brian Roberts is hitting just .238 and they still refuse to call up Triple-A star Rob Refsnyder, it's been speculated by some that the Yankees could show some interest in recently-released Brave Dan Uggla.

Uggla, who has knocked 233 home runs out of the park since his rookie year of 2006, hasn't played with Atlanta since July 8, yet remains intriguing to many due to his obvious potential.

Well, apparently the Yanks don't see that potential as enough to overshadow his .162 batting average, with team GM Brian Cashman recently confirming to's Bryan Hoch that the Bombers will not pursue the struggling veteran.

"I don't see where he'd fit, to be honest," Cashman said earlier today.

Going into this year's trade deadline, it's undeniable that the Pinstripes have to get some kind of offensive upgrade, although it does seem smart to stay away from Uggla in this case, as he, like many of the players already on their club, is well past his prime.

Still, you do have to wonder what bad taking a chance on him would do here, since signing Uggla wouldn't require much risk much less a lot of money.

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  1. The problem is you have to sign him for next season too. If we didn't have any suitable kids I wouldn't mind that power potential off the bench.


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