Saturday, July 19, 2014

McCarthy Strikes Out 9 in Easy 7-1 Win Over Reds

When the Yankees first acquired Brandon McCarthy a couple of weeks ago, many people questioned how well he'd perform in the AL.

The 33-year-old right-hander, 3-10 with a 5.01 ERA with the Diamondbacks this season, had given no real reason for anybody to expect a turnaround, making a win in today's game against the Reds seem unlikely.

Despite that, out of nowhere McCarthy threw a gem this afternoon, surrendering just one earned run over 6 innings of work as the Yanks blew out the visitors 7-1.

In those frames, #38 did allow 6 hits and a homer, although the fact that he also struck out 9 definitely overshadowed those minor troubles, as McCarthy still easily out-dueled Cincinnati All-Star Alfredo Simon (5 IP, 4 R, 2 ER) to get the W.

Of course, he wouldn't have gotten the job done without a good amount of offensive help, with Carlos Beltran, Brett Gardner, and Derek Jeter giving him four runs in the first five innings via a solo shot to right, a single and a sac fly, and another single off the aforementioned Simon.

After the Reds' star left, the Bombers went ahead and tacked on three more in the bottom of the sixth to pretty much end the contest, as Kelly Johnson drove in a pair with a bases-loaded knock down the first base line and Gardner produced a second sac fly, his third RBI on the day.

Prior to that hit from Johnson, one of two for him in the game, the Pinstripes had put men everywhere on a trio of singles from Brian McCann, Brian Roberts, and Beltran, putting opposing reliever J.J. Hoover in a hole.

Now obviously, Hoover wouldn't end up escaping that hole, a big occurrence considering how it could end up affecting tomorrow, as the worn-out Dellin Betances and David Robertson will now be well rested for this series' finale.


  1. I CAN NOT SHAKE THIS....feeling.

    In the New york area, there are a ton of rumors. Most are dumb, and pushed forward by deranged
    Met fans....who when all is said, and done....are mean bastards / idiots.
    They lose for ten years straight, then win 8 games out of ten, and they know everything.
    But they never shut up !Such guess, 98 % voted for Obama. Fools.

    My take, and the reason for this post. It lingers with me......Try this out.
    I see the Yankees making two big moves.
    Making the blockbuster for ...Troy Tulowitzki. Putting him at third, next to Jeter, for this season.
    The other, taking on part of a big contract for a pitcher. Start with Cliff Lee.

    How does Tulowitzki, and Lee, change things ?
    That's how I see it.

    1. I like the first part the best! But at what cost? There is such a thing as to much for too little!
      But, I must admit, it is very intriguing!

  2. Lee and Tulo fix a whole lot on this team... get them both done.

    1. With what?

      Unless those in charge of the Rockies are dumber than I thought, the Yankees would have to included players that would leave us with more holes than we originally had. I'm thinking guys like Gardner, Betances, Murphy, as well as other top prospects. Colorado shouldn't take a prospect only package... they should get MLB-ready talent too.

  3. Lee is a salary dump. Name someone not named Judge, Jagielo, Clarkin from the 2013 draft and that fetches you Lee if you eat the salary.

    Tulo would absolutely gut the farm but it could be done. They want MLB ready talent and we have plenty of it, we just won't let them come up and prove it.

    1. If the Phillies want the Yankees to take on all of his salary, then we wouldn't have to give up much of anything when it comes to talent. But I doubt that would happen, so I'm not holding my breath.

      But I am looking out... that's for sure.

    2. And if we give up guys such as: Gardner, Betances, Murphy, Roller, Refsnyder, Pirela, Shane Green, and Ramirez...what talented players do we have left with which to field a competitive team next year? Wheeler, Solarte and unnamed players?
      We are going to lose D-Rob, Kuroda, CC(?), Ichiro, Roberts, Jeter, at years end.
      Replace them with; Lee (in place of CC) and Tulowitzki (in place of Jeter), Solarte in place of Roberts, Wheeler in place of Johnson. What about Brett, Dellin,, D-Rob and Kuroda?
      I too, want both players, but at what point is it too much in personnel?
      Everyone bitches about the Farm system now, this would set it back another three to five years or more. IF it can be done without all those players fine, but otherwise I way!

  4. I think the Phillies end up holding onto Lee at least until August so he can prove he is healthy

  5. We're not giving up Gardner, Betances, Greene, or Refsnyder (the first three for sure). Wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to trade Murphy as he is blocked forever by multiple players.Best thing for him and us.

    Roller is doing well but he is extremely replaceable and will be closer to 30 when Teix's contract runs out. He is pretty old for a prospect. Greg Bird is more of the future at first base than Roller is, not that I exactly want to lose him but I wouldn't be upset if it brought us a quality player back.

    Pirela and Ramirez go hand in hand. Ramirez is a "failed" starter moved to the bullpen. How many of those right handed variety relievers do we have? We could lose Ramirez and not blink an eye. Pirela has an adequate, not great, bat at second base. Problem is he is playing corner outfield. His bat sucks for corner outfield and places him behind Ramon Flores, Adonis Garcia, and Zoilo.

  6. I expect D Rob back for 2015 (whether it's the right call or not) and CC is expected to be ready before spring training. Losing Ichiro and Roberts aren't huge losses at all.


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