Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Daily Dozen - July 9, 2014

(Twelve Takeaways from Tonight's Game - July 9th, 2014 Edition)

1a. I had this mostly written during the long stretch of non-scoring between both teams.  

UPDATE: Ellsbury wins with a HR in the 14th! Boy was that last out scary!  I am getting too old for 14 inning games that last until Midnight.

1b. Nick Swisher continues to kill the Yankees. His 2-run single in the 1st virtually knocked McCarthy out of the game.  But for once the Yankees were able to score past the 3rd inning.  How about that strikeout in the 10th with the bases loaded though?  Weren't we all expecting him to at least get a sacrifice fly to win the game?
"Come on! You know you love me!"
2. How many times have Yankees opponents scored with 2 outs?  No seriously I want to know this...I tweeted during the game to the crack staff at the YES Network but as of yet haven't heard back.

3. The Yankees are really just losing to lesser teams to keep more teams in the playoff race.  They are all about making things competitive and ensuring that EVERY game counts! Heavy Sarcasm...

4. Welcome Back to the American League Brandon McCarthy!  After a rough 1st inning against (once again) a very good Indians offense, he was able to settle down only giving up only 1 more run the rest of his outing.  With the news of Tanaka heading to the DL, the Yankees can use every decent start they can get.  Of course Nuno pitched lights out for Arizona last night in his debut...
"Really glad to be on a playoff contender...wait, what? Tanaka is on the DL?..."
5. If Ichiro bats the ball to 3rd's over.  Don't even attempt to throw the ball to first.  Seriously..don't.

6. Tanaka joins an ever-increasing list of Yankees on the DL.  Literally the entire starting rotation sans Kuroda is on the DL.  This is starting to look like 2013 all over again.  Gardner is hurt, Beltran is ailing, who's next? (Please no one...)

7. Having 2 players with first names starting with 'Z' is not as intimidating as it sounds.  Could the offense besides Teixeira have any less pop?  #BronxBombless
He needs to go back to Staten Island...
8. I am convinced that the Indians got Chris Dickerson to mess with the Yankees.  I'm predicting he will be leaving town when the Yankees do.  He is the new #YankeeKiller.  Furthermore, I fully expected Jason Giambi to come out and pinch hit a walk-off home run.  Former Yankees are killing them this season.

9. I think it's time for a new direction.  It has been stated on here before, but Kevin Long needs to go.  The situational hitting stinks on this team and they have no POP.  Maybe a guy like TINO MARTINEZ could do something about it.  I am still convinced that the Yankees, even with the 09 World Series title made a mistake by not hiring Don Mattingly by the way...Just Saying...
Bring Back Tino AND Mattingly!
10. Is Teixeira's home run output worth his lofty contract.  After tonight I would instantly react with YES...he now has 17 home runs, on pace for another 30 HR season...probably closer to 35 HR as he starts out badly every year.  The thing that used to make his contract worth it, however, is his defense.  His defense isn't what it used to be...could be old age, could be all the nagging wrist injuries...

11. The name Asdrubal is the spanish version of the name Hasdrubal, which according to means God Helps...maybe the Yankees should really go after him in the offseason to replace Jeter...

12. Tomorrow night may be the last time that I get to see Derek Jeter play live.  VERY SAD.
Unless they make the playoffs...

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