Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cole Hamels Cannot Block A Trade To New York

Yesterday I wrote out a well thought out and planned out article that ultimately had the New York Yankees ending up with both Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels from the Philadelphia Phillies. While, as expected, the idea was received about as well as a devil mask at a church gathering but news did break yesterday that Hamels is not able to block a trade to the Yankees with his limited no trade clause. If this news is breaking on the internet I must not be the only one thinking the Yankees can shock the world one more time and acquire Hamels.

If Hamels were to be made available I could see the Dodgers being interested but they may be too stacked by then to make a legitimate run. The Angels would be stiff competition but with a bad farm a deal would be difficult. St. Louis has the pieces, the need, and the balls to pull off a trade like this but they usually don't. Boston, Texas, and San Diego would probably be unlikely to make a trade for Hamels this season leaving just the Nationals, Yankees, and Braves as potential suitors.


  1. Could definitely use Cole Hamels right now

  2. Hamels could really soften a lot of blows this season. Lose CC? No problem, Hamels.


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