Thursday, July 10, 2014

Emptying The Farm For Troy Tulowitzki

If you’re going to empty the farm system then there aren’t many better players you do it for than Troy Tulowitzki. A young right handed power hitting shortstop that drew up admiring and emulating Derek Jeter would be the perfect man to replace the retiring captain of the Yankees. Troy told reporters recently that he would accept a trade to New York so Brian Cashman I ask, what are you waiting for?

I think Tulo would have no issue with playing some second base and/or third base for the rest of this season knowing the shortstop position was his in 2015 and beyond so that is not the issue. The salary is not the issue either, although as the kids are saying these days “that man is getting paid,” but the Yankees can easily absorb his prorated salary for 2014 and use Derek Jeter’s vacant $17 million plus others to pay his 2015 salary and beyond. Screw the Hal Cap and get another ring.

I honestly have no idea what the Rockies would want or need to restock and retool, I assume pitching looking at this year’s stats but I know they have been hit hard by the injury bug and have reinforcements very close to major league ready. I don’t want to just compile a list of our better prospects and say “that looks good enough” but if they want Sanchez, he’s theirs. If they want Severino, he’s theirs. If they want Clarkin, he’s theirs. Aaron Judge, Robert Refsnyder, Rafael DePaula, whoever they want let’s work something out. I’m not saying I would hand them a blank sheet already signed and say fill in the blanks and get back to us, but it’s pretty close.

Tulo is a once in a lifetime player, much like Giancarlo Stanton, and if we can get him and have the resources to do it you do it 100 times out of 100. 


  1. I think I would keep; Ellsbury, Brett, Tex, Tanaka, Dellin, JR, Robert Refsnyder, Severino and see what they really want...maybe add Ichiro to that list also!
    IF we could get Hamels and Troy Tulowitzk we would have a contending team!
    Refs at 2nd, Tex at 1st, McCann or Cisco catching, Troy at 3rd, Brett Left, Ells Center and anyone in Right. Add Hamels along with Pineda, Green, Tanaka, McCarthy/Whitley to the starting rotation.
    We will be stuck with Beltran and Roberts, not a big deal!
    This list is open to those with other ideas to critique...what do you have as an idea?

  2. Those two def add some pop to the team we've been lacking.


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