Thursday, July 10, 2014

Quick Hit: If Tanaka Is Out For Long It's Time To Sell

If Masahiro Tanaka is out for an extended period of time, Tommy John surgery there I said it, then I truly believe it's time for the Yankees to pack it in and sell. The Yankees don't have the pieces and the players aren't available to make up for all the Yankees short comings AND to replace Tanaka, it's not gonna happen whether it's Derek Jeter's last stand or not.

Players like Hiroki Kuroda, Ichiro Suzuki, Matt Thornton, David Robertson, Brendan Ryan, Kelly Johnson, Brian Roberts, Francisco Cervelli, or really anything that's not young or boarded down should be made available. Please don't take my words as me thinking we could actually unload a Kelly Johnson, it's doubtful anyone would want him, but it doesn't hurt to move what you can and play for 2015.

It probably won't happen but with Tanaka it should. Brian Cashman is on his way out anyway so what does he have to lose?


  1. Hang on a second. Tanaka's only out two weeks as of now and either way it's not like an SP going down is ever that huge. He pitches once every five days. Go out and get a Cole Hamels or a Cliff Lee and you can still contend

  2. He's out two weeks because Dr. Ahmad hasn't even looked at his MRI yet, they did for two weeks to make a roster move. He is flying to Dr. Ahmad in Seattle... sounds pretty serious to me.

  3. Plus Hamels and Lee are easier said then done. Neither are officially "available" yet


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