Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's Time For A Nick Swisher In Pinstripes Reunion

The Yankees are down an outfielder with Alfonso Soriano and still lack a true backup first base option, unless you count Kelly Johnson or Brian McCann playing out of position, and New York could solve both of those problems with one phone call. Nick Swisher, it's time to come back to New York and back to Yankee Stadium.

The Indians are under the .500 mark this season and with the losses of injured players Michael Bourn and Justin Masterson that mark looks to worsen over the next couple of weeks. The Indians have their highest payroll in 2014 that they have had since 2001 and Swisher is their highest paid player. Swisher is set to make $15 million this season, roughly $7 million prorated for the remainder of the year, $15 million in each of 2015 and 2016, and a vesting option for 2017 worth $14 million. All Swisher has to do is reach 500 plate appearances in 2016 and pass a physical at the end of the 2016 and the option vests.

The problem with the deal is that Cleveland is a win now team and needs a win now type player(s) in return for Swisher. Swisher's first base replacement could possibly already be on the team with Carlos Santana. If Santana isn't an option the Yankees could always send Kyle Roller and others to Cleveland to make the deal work.

He's batting .198 with six home runs and 20 RBI's but I truly believe would be revitalized if he would return to New York. I truly believe, and admittedly I have been wrong before, that this season is the exception and not the rule for Swisher and his production. Swish is a switch hitter and offers us more versatility than Soriano did or could and we could get him for an absolute salary dump. Take a chance, right a wrong, and bring back Swisher.


  1. I believe he would turn it around. Remember, he hit under .220 for the white sox before he came to the Bronx. Plus, the energy he brings to the clubhouse is undeniable.

  2. Ever hear of a slow bat! Soriano and Swisher have the same problem. Except, Swisher is a switch hitter and has a good eye, can recognize pitches and hit anything other than a 90+ fastball...not down the middle!

  3. Swisher killed the Yankees this series in true former Yankee fashion. Maybe we woke him up?


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