Thursday, January 22, 2015

From Mariano Rivera to Derek Jeter to Alex Rodriguez

The New York Yankees have enjoyed the past two seasons not because of any sort of postseason play but because they got to say goodbye to two of their great players in Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter. As much as we all probably would have liked to have seen these two players play for the rest of their lives it was enjoyable to see them go out on their terms and with full and healthy seasons in the uniform where it all began, New York. This season is going to be a little different as instead of a farewell tour we, the fans, are going to be in the middle of the comeback tour of one Mr. Alex Rodriguez.

Rodriguez missed the entire 2014 season after being suspended, and after having that suspension reduced, for his ties and involvement in the whole defunct Miami Clinic once known as Biogenesis. Nobody is going to make donations to A Rod’s charities for him this season and I highly doubt anyone gives him a base from an old stadium or a trip to Italy. What we will see is plenty of boo’s and maybe some boycotting across the league from the fans.

This is going to be a nightmare if Rodriguez decides, and his health allows him to, to play the whole season with New York. Even with limited playing time you have to figure he is going to get a couple hundred at bats and you have to figure there is still a Ryan Dempster out there that can’t wait to see them. This has gone far beyond the Bronx is Burning and Reggie Jackson ripping George Steinbrenner and Billy Martin in the media and this has gone way beyond Mr. Steinbrenner paying for information on free agents such as Dave Winfield. Alex Rodriguez made 2013 and 2014 the year of the lawsuit and even had a case against the Yankees team doctor for purposely covering up an injury and keeping him off the field.

This is going to be a mess, a circus perhaps, and I really and truly do not look forward to the 2015 season. The Alex Rodriguez comeback tour starts in about a month whether we are ready for it or not. Oh boy…


  1. There has always been a circus surrounding the Yankees all season long. It's just different than any other franchise. The words normal and Yankees rarely happen in the same sentence. The ARod situation may take the cake. I know the Yankees have thick skin, but this may be too much even for them.

    1. Unless he comes out just knocking the cover off the ball I think they basically let this season ride out before they completely eat the remainder of the contract in 2016.

  2. For every Dempster out there, there are an equal number of players that are, have or quit using drugs.
    They don't care about A-Rod, except to think; "there, but for good luck, go I"!
    A-Rod has had to put up with this stuff ever since coming to the Yankees...thank you, Joe what makes anyone think it will bother him one way or another? As for the team, he is a good guy in the clubhouse, willing to work with anyone. Many, or most of the players liked him!
    The only thing I see that can hurt the team is if he gets jerked around like he was in the playoffs. Unlike one of our stars of a bye gone year or so, he doesn't go running to the press for help nor, would he get it anyhow. He takes it like a man, and one never hears him complain...he made his bed...and knows it!

    Not trying to take sides with him at all...I am telling it as I see it. I may be one of the few around that has not, nor ever will, forgive him! But I don't look at things the way some do so, as Democrat's would vote for the Devil if he has a "D" after his name...I will continue to hope he can help the Yankees, and if he can't, I will be as tough on him as I have been on Beltran, Drew, Tex and Ryan.

  3. I can't get on board with you Ken. And it's not because of his steroid use. I know he used. As did numerous other players. Definitely more than we'll ever know. The reason I can't agree with you is because he is a pompous, jackass, punk. I understand that he might want to help young players. He helped Cervelli right into a 50 game suspension! The other players might say all the "right" things, but they don't want him there. Let's not fool ourselves about that.

    1. He was seen around Jesus Montero quite a bit too. For every Cervelli and Montero though you see him around Eduardo Nunez and Derek Jeter too. I get your point though Jeff and I don't think anyone can blame someone for not liking A Rod as a player or a person.

    2. Pompous, jackass, punk is a player that plays in 30/35 games a year and thinks he is worth $210m for 7 years. Think of the word EGO and nobody has a bigger one.

      I can't blame any player for, not liking A-Rod. I don't think he really cares either way! But, as a teammate he has been good, and many players have said so. I understand they say the PC thing all the time and are expected to do so.

      As I have said before, as a person, I will not forgive him, as many around here have. I respect his great talent but, hate his misuse of a God-given talent and will not forgive that...ever!

      His teammates have the choice, accept him as a teammate or be ambivalent. Some have the stature to be a good teammate and others will obviously shun him, that is a call each player will have to decide.

      Every player in the league HATED Ty Cobb but, they wanted him on their team. Add every lie, innuendo and half truth ever printed about A-Rod and he doesn't come close to Ty Cobb!

      Bottom line; He is a Yankee, and as such if he does his job I want him on my team, I may not like it, but that's the way it is...for me! If not, I want him off the team...his private life is his to live as he wants!

  4. " Pompous, jackass, punk ".......Jesus, I thought old Kenneth was talking about the great TWASP !

    Then I slowed down, and realized he was in a rebuttal with Jeff, regarding Alex.
    Ken, do yourself a around for a circulating highlight piece, on Alex, in
    the 2009 series. Awesome !
    Can he recapture himself ? I think he comes back strong. It' a Mo-Jo thing.

    Just ask Cameron Diaz...." oh Alex, your Mo-Jo is " She knows.

  5. MONCADA....the second baseman, known as Castro.
    John Sterling calls on Yoan Moncada :

    "...there it goes, Fidel fires a bullet into the seats !"

    "...oh man !..there it goes, Castro is catastrophic !"

    or, my favorite...

    "...there he goes again, killing the opposition !..that old Castro, is a dandy "..right, Suzyn ?

  6. MONCADA.....The first veteran released / traded after his signing ?...Stephen Drew.
    I could have said Ryan, because they are inter-changeable...but, Drew is a Sox.

    1. It's going to be Ryan. Drew at least has a chance to hit 15+ home runs.

  7. HANZEL & GRETAL....I know you check in.

    Would you think about coming back on board ?
    Bumping heads with you, is missed by me....big time. You keep me honest.
    Think about it.

    1. Must have been my "attitude." If he comes back I promise to call him a clown and such so my words won't be mistaken for attitude when they were nothing but respect.

    2. Clowns, a Hanzel, and a tune.......

      A small verse, from the great 1972 tune..." Stuck in the middle with you "
      Recorded by ' Stealers Wheel '...with the late Jerry Raferty providing lead vocals.

      " Clowns to the left of me
      Jokers to the right
      Here I am, stuck in the middle with you."

      No reason why, maybe the word ' clown ' triggered this one, earlier today.

    3. He didn't wanna be stuck I guess.

    4. HANZEL & GRETAL..........Stop clowning around !

      Check your short fuse at the gang plank.
      Put your pent-up angst in the gear locker.
      Remember...our strength is in the sum of all our voices. Not the most unreasonable one.

      I don't know if you want to comply. Only you can address that.
      If that is an impossibility for you, then I am sorry top see you flame out.

    5. Wasn't really much to comply with, I don't remember limiting him (or anyone) with their postings.

  8. I just ran across this in the Army News;
    ---An Army recruiting station has been ordered by higher-ups to shelve a sidewalk sandwich board with the wording "On a mission for both God and country."
    The order went out Friday to a recruiting station in Phoenix that had been displaying the outdoor sign since at least October. The sign board also shows an image of a Special Forces patch and Ranger, Airborne and Special Forces tabs.---

    Things are going to hell in a big way now days; women in combat, don't ask, don't tell, Red cards in training, now one can't even use the word God on a poster!
    What a FUBAR!

  9. Kenneth...You missed one, we must now give an ' illegal '....a drivers license. So he / she
    can get to work.
    Next, to use the word Alamo....might be offensive to those that have no idea what that name means.
    Offensive ? No education, no reason to learn English, no work skills ? Who cares.

    This is not what Ken, and I fought for.....The enemy is within.

  10. James Shields....having come full circle,
    Irish have a strange thought pattern, I being one. You zig zag through life, trying to avoid blunders.
    I now think it would be a fine idea to re-look at James Shields.

    With Kuroda having moved on, Shields, and his 200 plus innings, and an ERA around 3.4,
    would be a great signing. I know, I know...its about the money.
    But if he drops back to earth, the team should give him a long look.
    I already have.

    1. I agreed as seen by my post this morning/afternoon.


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