Friday, July 31, 2015

Weekly Check In: Robert Refsnyder

Today is the day that every Robert Refsnyder fan, friend, family member of supporter is dreading, the July 31st trade deadline day. Refsnyder, as we all know, is not one of Brian Cashman’s “untouchable” four prospects and could have his Fenway Park debut as a showcase in a potential trade. Despite the fact that Refsnyder is light years ahead of both Brendan Ryan and Stephen Drew offensively and more then held his own defensively in his short stay Mr. Refsnyder may be on the block today.

Let’s ignore the fact that Refsnyder had an error in his debut series, he made his Major League debut inside of Fenway Park in a Yankees vs. Red Sox game that actually, at the time, meant something. Not everyone is Derek Jeter and has icicles running through their veins, Refsnyder had some nerves and they showed. He’s human after all. Refsnyder settled down, got comfortable and looked more than adequate (not perfect, mind you) at the position for the remainder of his time there. Something should be said about that and not about his one error, I’m just saying.

So today is the day that Refsnyder either gets a shot on the big league club with the Yankees or gets a shot with the big league club somewhere else after a trade. Either way I think we finally see a resolution to the Robert Refsnyder situation after today, even if it takes a week or so to finalize it. If Refsnyder is leaving, and I may cry if he does so prepare yourselves for that, this is all of what he left on the field with the Scranton Wilkes-Barre RailRiders this season.


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